Falling Deeper Into the Hole...

Another Saturday night spent in bed, with my laptop and smelly books borrowed from the uni library. Oh the sexy! My life is an academic black hole. lol.

I left the house twice today - first this morning to go get some fresh seasoning. My cousin does not cook so there is never an onion or a garlic clove in the house. I walked to the Afro-Caribbean shop - the one run by Pakistanis - and got some chive, some garlic, onions, ginger. And then my eyes landed on a gorgeous piece of pumpkin so I got a piece of that. Then I saw mushrooms again so I got a packet of those. Then I got home and asked myself, what am I going to do with this pumpkin and these mushrooms? lol. Any suggestions? I will try supercook.com in a minute but what would you do with these?

I left the house for the second time at 7pm to go to the store to get some bread, and I ended up getting bread and doughnuts. Are doughnuts without the hole really considered doughnuts? These weren't the best doughnuts either. They seemed a bit raw to me. Not impressed at all.

I am working on what must be the millionth assignment. My God! When does it end? This assignment is really annoying too because the word count is inadequate for the level of detail required. I have given up! Eff it. It is going out as is. I cannot find another word that deserves the onslaught of the DELETE button.

I have so much work to do still it's unreal. Thank God for the little break last night when a friend asked me out to dinner. Now after last week's all day assignment bonanza when I ended up going to dinner in a hoodie and sneakers because I had no time to go home to change, I made a conscious effort to not let fatigue and annoyance with life get the better of me and looking presentable. So when the dude sent a text after 7 last evening to say he wanted to take me to dinner, despite the fact that I was in the frickin' library with books and my laptop, I still was looking restaurant appropriate. The lesson here is girls - never take for granted a little bit of mascara and a nice sweater.

Of course I did a little refresherising on the train and hoped the bags and books would be suitable distractions for the diminished stunnability. But in the end, we had a lovely dinner. He met my train, took the books and fed my hungry ass. The perfect end to a long day.

It's been a long day today as well and not in a good way either. The work is never ending, sleep and tv are luxuries. I am way behind on my streams of Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives, not to mention that I just had a doughnut for dinner. Yet I am smiling.

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