Yesterday was a really beautiful day in London. Blue skies and big fat fluffy white clouds. And it was hot. Honest-to-goodness hot. I was not complaining. Except that sitting in a double decker bus in that weather was not a pleasant experience, especially as there was so much traffic, both coming and going. Met up with RT yesterday and had lunch outdoors, and I thought I would shout out the Mustik Bar/Yah Man restaurant team. It was the best meal I have had since I have been here, so if you're in the area on a Sunday, check it out. There will  be a special set menu served from 2pm - 6pm every Sunday and guests can stay back and chill after having great Caribbean food, and enjoy great Caribbean entertainment. They have their official launch of their Caribbean Sunday on July 25, so check it out. And if they have macaroni pie, have it - it was bes'. As the promotional copy says
"Chef DeFour's intention is to ensure that your Mustik experience, is as authentic as it can get, without the plane ticket."
And without having to slave over a hot stove yourself. Accolades to them for making my Sunday a winning one.

My cousin is also back and I got to meet his new squeeze, whom I like very much, and I finished off a half eaten container of Haagie and a half bottle of Chilean Merlot. My waistline really took a hit these past few days and one sure way of countering this, is a day on Oxford Street. It's the only way!!!!

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