Better to be Farse than Slow? No!

There is this woman here and it's almost as though her aim in life is to macco my scenes, i.e. put her nose in my business (for the non-Trinis). I swear, everytime she sees me she has a comment to make about my appearance or something she lays her eye on, once it's on my person. When I was putting on weight, she commented on it. Losing weight, she commented on it. Needed to go to the salon, she commented on it. Needed a manciure, she commented on it. I don't need people commenting on every single thing.

So last night, out of sheer fatigue, I selected today's winning outfit because it did not require ironing. The thing about this particular outfit is that 2 months ago, it could not fit me. AT ALL. So I was taking a huge gamble that I could forfeit the 2 mins it would take to iron something I knew for sure would fit me and go to sleep, in the hope that this thing would fit me in the morning when more likely than not, I would be running late and would be sucking my teeth if I had to iron something else. This morning...IT FIT. Beautifully. The comments I got from everyyyyyyyyyyyyybody else were about the outfit and how the colour suits my skin tone, and it was a beautiful combo etc. But not my girl.

Farse: That outfit could not fit you before, right?
Me: (steups) (-no answer)
Farse: It was tight before ent?
Me: (to myself: wtf!!!) to her: Yes, it was a bit close.
Farse: I know that. From the time I you resurrected it I knew it was cause now it can fit you again. I say that as soon as I saw it this morning.

I mean, this woman lining up herself nicely for a cussing eh. I don't know WHY WHY WHY this woman always all over my scene!!! Why is my waistline so important to you and why is my appearance a constant topic of enquiry and dissertation? I cannot understand it. And it's the tone - it's a kinda nagging, farse, "not my business but I wanna know" kinda tone. Like an interrogation. And if she was a slim, young hottie, I could understand, but she ain't.

It's not tiring being that farse!?

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