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I went to the supermarket today and bought some veggies for the steamer and when I am cutting up my veggies, I usually like to do it in front of the tv, with something on. Well, the "something on" was The Bachelorette, followed by the interview with the last Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars alumnus, Jake Pavelka and the chick he chose, Vienna Girardi. I had a horrible day today and needed the laugh and boy, was this mess amusing.

All I have to say is, there must be a better way for seemingly intelligent people to make a living. On the one hand you have these dudes vying for this Ali chick and talking about this connection and she getting all googly eyed and flustered. Sweetie, these guys are in a contest - a testosterone fuelled race to the finish. It ain't about you. Do these people really believe that after 6 weeks, during which you spend maybe 2 days in total with this person, that you can fall in love? But having not watched any of the previous episodes and putting on the tv near the end, I was saved from most of it, until she goes on the date with the landscaper dude who has the personality of a rock and gives her some sort of bracelet which she gets doubly googly eyed over and which sends her from "we don't have a connection" to rolling around in the grass with him and kissing his forehead. Buddy, if that did it for me eh. And then the loser who did not get a rose at the end and he is all choked up and says it will take him a while to get back to normal. Wow. ABC better be paying you guys some good money to act so dotish, yes.

But the best was the Jake/Vienna interview. That was hilarious. It is clear that this Jake dude has some issues. I giggled in amusement as he struggled to keep his composure in that silent, psycho kinda way you see from all these mean, homicidal husbands or boyfriends on Lifetime as he talked about how Vienna undermines him. So example: he measured the room to arrange the furniture and that gnarly bitch Vienna in her mean undermining way, went and re-measured it even though he had done it already - totally undermining him and emasculating him. Oh poor you. Then apparently he had sex with her for a month and then decided to go on a fast. lol.
"He didn't want to kiss me; I had to ask. And then he decided to go on a fast, for religious reasons, and he didn't want to be intimate. He said it's a sin to do that before marriage and he wanted to cleanse himself...
...But after he finished, he still didn't want to do anything or be with me, and I was like, 'I don't get what's going on!'"
Wow. Okay. And you stayed, honey? The dude was clearly not into you. The rest of this trainwreck involved her crying about her dog and how mean Jake was to it, him constantly being interrupted by her and his emphasis on how yet again she was emasculating him, the host trying to make commess, Jake finally losing the Lifetime face and beating up his leg telling her to be quiet, her storming out and bawling, him sitting there playing it up for the camera, and ABC just doing basically anything they could to make these poor,. pathetic people pull in the ratings. I need some money at the moment but at this price? To act like a nutter on tv? Nah. Wow. I knew there was a reason I did not watch tv on a Monday night.

p.s. I want a Trini Bachelor/Bachelorette. Now that would be entertainment.

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