Ciao a tutti

I am now in Italy, where I got to my hotel looking hot and greasy after a smelly train ride from the airport that seemed to have no end. No end of dirty trainline neighbourhoods - and smelly people.But there were some gorgeous natural highlights. My hotel room is cosy - small but spotless and with a bidet. lol. Gotta love Europeans but they know what they are doing. It will take me forever to type this with this European keyboard kicking my ass but I am alive and safe. I am going to hit the cobblestoned streets and start exploring and gaping. I have already sorted out where I am going to have some dinner later and take in the human sightseeing. Luckily for me, I am not the only black person in this part of the city because on the train I felt like an alien!

But do congratulate me for successfully adjusting my diva lifestyle to suit economy airlines and their cabin bag restrictions. Liquid eyeliner had to be sacrificed for toothpaste, but the mascara made the cut. No Bath and BodyWorks, but I got a small Body Shop shower gel to fit, and cooling spritz. Jesus. Hoping for the best!

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