Fluffy socks time in London

So I am in London. The million hour flight from Port of Spain did not feel so long this time, despite the fact that I still managed to get myself a tantie, i.e. an aged woman who likes to chat, as a seatmate. Luckily for me, tantie was travelling with her son so she did most of her chatting with him. The hot male seatmate - nada. But the creepy, married dude next to me - annoying. This dude kept looking at me, while his fat wife snored her life away next to him. He even decided he would start a game of synchronised peeing because everytime I needed to use the loo, there he was right next to me. Though I do not encourage it, if a man is going to go through all this drama to mack on a woman, then say something - start a conversation. Don't just hope the woman is so impressed by your dogged persistence aka stalking.

So it's 1.30am in London and you ask, why is she awake, blogging? After doing some grocery shopping, then grocery eating and then reuniting, I fell asleep around 6pm and woke up at midnight, so here I am. The boy got me at the airport (looking all sexy) and I have free reign of the house until Sunday, when my cousin gets back, and when I put on my best cricketing outfit and go to some cricket thing-a-ma-jig.

I am usually one of those vacationers who is up and about from the word "go" but this time around, between old age, cold breeze and sheer exhaustion after a rough couple of weeks, the plan tomorrow is to sit on the couch in my purple fluffy socks and eat British cherries and Haagen Dazs with my finger on the remote control buttons. You don't realise just how tired you are, until you actually get some rest and have nothing else to do but rest. I will do my adventuring the next day. Next week - Europe adventuring. I have high hopes for sun, and other things.

Not sure where the picture card reader is on this laptop so no photos of my fluffy socked feet for you tonight. But take my word for it, they're cute. Oh and I want to give the Brits a crash course in what summer is - this ain't it. (hence the fluffy socks)


  1. Welcome....welcome darling.
    Do rest up so that you can enjoy all your adventures ahead!

    And in defence of the British weather (if I dare take the risk of ridicule here), it was Summer up until last week - Caribbean kinda heat - 30 - 31 degrees child.
    I hope this comes back soon so you can experience it....esp to see how the Brits go half naked and crazy at some sunshine.

    See you soon mate

  2. ahhhh...such warmth. who needs sun when one has friends?

  3. Glad that you are there safe and sound. Don't complain too much about the cool because at the moment its about 36 degrees outside ( and I live in the countryside with lots of trees) and thirty degrees in the house.
    Last night I could not sleep because it was 30 degrees at three in the morning. So dont hog the chill send some down to me in Puglia.


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