Break in communication

One would think it would be easy to come and write about my adventures in Italy but somehow I just cannot bring myself to blog about them. They were great and I had an awesome time and maybe it is a hormonally charged episode of writer's block but I am just not in the mood to gush about my walks through the beautiful towns in the Tuscan countryside. I am home sick today, watching old reruns of Law and Order and waiting for my cherries delivery - to be hand-delivered with love and consideration I should add. I am vegging intensely today and that's what vacations are all about.

I may feel more inclined to blog when I can download photos and not steal photos off the web. I would like my genuine experiences to be accompanied by genuine visual memories and not those of some other traveller. I am also now faced with the reality that 1)time does indeed fly when you're having fun and I will have to return to Trinidad eventually and 2)I still have a decision to make which I have put off the past week because it was too annoying to contemplate when the world was such a beautiful oasis of adventure. But now I am faced with the fact that I do indeed need to make this decision. It will not go away until I do.

Hope everyone is well.

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