London Under Snow, Again

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So it's snowing again, and again, London has been paralysed. This time though, it can snow all bleedin' day as far as I am concerned cause I have no school, no nothing, so I have no reason to go outside. I just snuggled up with a glass of white wine, which should send me straight to dreamland in a few minutes, and I am officially in hibernation for the next two weeks. The weather has created problems for friends trying to make their way home for the holidays though and for this, I am sorry. For me, that was never an issue, cause as the world knows, I am not able to go home, and the depression is very real, but I promise not to dwell on it. I am thinking of  volunteering at a centre over the holidays to remind myself that life is pretty damn awesome.
School is closed for the next couple weeks but we have 2 exams as soon as the break is over so I have stuff to keep me busy and to keep my mind occupied. Not the things I would have anticipated but hey...

I have not been bitten by Rudolph, or elves or whoever or whatever is supposed to bite a person to get them feeling all Christmassy. Between school and this nasty, persistent flu, Christmas has, until now, been the furthest thing from my mind. Now with the snow, I am loathe to change out of my comfy, warm pyjamas to attempt going out into London to do anything. But I have noticed the neighbours putting up trees and strings of lights and Santa hats. One neighbour has a sign up that says


I really hope Santa does not disappoint them. He has disappointed me on many a Christmas so my sign should read:


I am not sure how people even contemplate having a social life in these conditions. I am unwilling to even go walk the few hundred metres to the jerk chicken shop to get some jerk pork, far less, stand at a bus stop or train platform to go into London for a good time (been really craving the jerk pork though...I wonder if they deliver?). I am making my good time at home tonight, though if my cousin has his way, we will be at another Caribbean party not too far from here. I guess it all depends on how soon I start going stir crazy in here. I am busily searching for sites where I can watch movies online since Sky really is shit. Looking outside every 5 minutes though, and seeing only white, sure does cure me of any wanderlust.


  1. we use two sites; fastpassTV and TVduck. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. I wish I could invite you here...if we weren't going away I would insist on it. The way the weather is going we might not get away anyway so watch out! Snuggle down and stay's bonkers outside. We had to walk back from the garage today (3 miles) after dropping off Son's car in minus 13 I mean -13 is crazy! I looked a complete Charlie in my hat, scarf, gloves, coat, six layers and earmuffs but at least I didn't completely freeze!
    I heard it's going to thaw soon so get yourself out and aboutwhen it sitting baout young lady you need to mix if you can.
    I'll be thinking of you and I wish you a tremenedous and successful 2011 and thanj you for your friendship and visits. I really appreciate and value them.
    Huge hugs.
    Sorry but the 'nude young man' seemed to have a boyfriend!

  3. I hope you manage to get your flight. I would hate if you were stranded here when you have a nice villa waiting for you. Thank you for the warmth and friendship these past few months. I really do appreciate it. And I wish you and the hubby a fab Christmas and 2011. I am home today doing laundry and cooking - Neither cheered me up but I am well fed, clean, with clean clothing and blessed. :-)

    Tough news about the nude boy. Just my rotten luck!

  4. We've had an insane amount of rain here since Saturday. I'm glad it's not snow.


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