Boxing Day - On the Mend

Boxing Day lunch - awesome!
Cooking always cheers me up. I think that was why my trip to Tesco on Christmas Eve was so exhilirating cause I was going to cook something beyond a ready-meal or macaroni and cheese. I did everything I promised to do with Boxing Day lunch and despite having a fever, and sinus headaches, lunch, or should I say dinner was a sucess. It was a very Trini smelling kitchen with a yummy ham, roasted pork loin with apple sauce, baked baby potatoes, mixed rice, pastelles, salad with garlic and herb dressing and I had a glass of mulled wine since I was too lazy and too feverish to steep my sorrel.

Been battling a fever for a couple days now but slowing on the mend. Just spent a few hours with the cousin, having cocktails and reminiscing. The truth is, I am not in the mood to sit in my room with textbooks. I am an holiday animal and try as I might, studying over the Yuletide season is impossible. I am not sure whose bright idea it was to put exams right after New Year's but it was a bad idea. BAD IDEA!!! I may surely fail these exams but God...this studying thing is a mess.

Next up is New Year's Eve. Still not quite sure what I will be up to but it better be fun! I usually alternate - with one year being quiet, at home with the family and another - out and about with friends. I did home with the family last year and seeing that I have no family here, save my cousin, who will be babysitting anyway, it's clearly going to be an out and about type of evening, isn't it?

Well, we will see how that goes.

I am really looking forward to having the house to myself tomorrow and running myself a hot bath to soak in, maybe with a textbook, but a bath nonetheless, maybe with a glass of a yummy liquid from a grape. I got a beautiful spa box set from a friend for Christmas with awesome smelly bath stuff and scrubbies, so yaaaay me. I am really appreciative of her sweet gift cause 1) I never get gifts, so this was very special and 2)  I am excited because I came over with my Bath and Body Works stuff and of course stocks are running low and it's nice to smell different too. I was getting bored of smelling myself. lol.

It's the littlest things that make me happy.

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