Winter Fashion Update

So I have created a public transport mood chart since I do not want to harp on the crappy London transportation every day since it is clearly going to be an issue for the rest of the winter. Today had the potential to be a RED alert but I took the bus this evening and it was the first time in living history that I enjoyed the bus ride from the train station to home. I had a seat at the back, near the engine so I was toasty, and I had an Evening Standard with Becks all over it, looking as sexy as ever (he is getting better with age I tell ya). Bliss. So after the horrible morning, where I waited almost an hour for my first train following cancellation after cancellation, and where the day at that point was hot red, it ended on a more subdued orange. The other colours are red, as previously discussed; blue for days when I am just either indifferent or just plain depressed, and yellow for the smurfy, happy days when they get it right. Something to aim for, London transport peeps. I imagine the people who had to sleep on the train to Kent or wherever it was last night, were a boiling red.

Anyway, I manage to surprise myself every time I face the stove. With the chill gripping my bones every evening after school, I decided to make myself another soup this morning before class. And after Sainsbury's not having my pre-cooked chicken breasts last evening, I was left with the task of making a veggie soup instead. I did find some scraps of ham and some mushrooms and I got some potatoes, onions, garlic, scallions, pumpkin, cauliflower, carrots and broccoli. What a wondrous concoction this was. I just had some with some crusty bread and it was pretty damn awesome. Add some orange juice and rum and it was a really warm experience.

And in winter fashion news, I am secretly stalking my neighbour's dog. Not having a dog of my own and missing having one, I listen out for him when he goes out into the backyard to chase foxes. He is a little thing, a Westie, but he is quite fierce in his own mind. Anyway, this weekend, in the deep chill, I saw my lover run out in the cutest little red coat and I actually found a spitting image of what he looked like.

Cute. I really love the doggie winter fashion. I love seeing the dogs in their coats and love that their owners love them enough to keep them nice and warm in this awful weather. And they are really stylin'. I mean, these dogs look better than some people!!

And it's not just the little dogs either. Brutus gets cold too.

It's so fun and sweet and can really put a smile on the face of someone stuck on a train platform for what seems like zonks.

And good luck to England tomorrow in Zurich. It's funny that the Brits are depending on a Trini (FIFA Vice President, Jack Warner - key to the 3 CONCACAF votes) to win their 2018 World Cup bid. Can I then demand perks tomorrow?


  1. Hey, girl! I'm just dropping by to let you know that I also haven't died lol. :P

    I'm glad your bus ride wasn't so bad this time! LOL I love your color codes. Reminds me of America's Homeland Security Threat levels. Haha. Oh my goodness, I've always had the belief that people who put clothing on their dogs were very sad people indeed. But they are quite humorous!

  2. I think it's quite cute. Glad to know you're alive. I was beginning to wonder! lol. I have a snow day today - campus is closed but I had planned not to go anyway cause the transport system really sucks and the snowfall last night was pretty heavy so I knew today was going to be a nightmare. I can get some work done...hopefully. I hope I don'tsnuggle up under the covers. lol.

  3. I really enjoyed this post again. Firstly I love the colour code idea. Secondly Westies are great unless they are attached by their sharp teeth to you ankle. The dog photos are great - super coats.
    I did my first ever internet shop this week. IT IS FAB! You can buy whatever you want from Sainsburys and they send a gorgeous young man to deliver at a time to suit you. I got Neil a lovely 27 year old who made it through the snow and helped me unpack. You need ever do without your ready made meals might even get a dinner guest!
    Hubby is hoping the Russians get the 2018 football....I have no idea why other than recently he has been watching 'Russia Today' on tv and saying 'kalachnikov' in a Russian voice all the time. :)
    Carol from facing 50 with humour

  4. Yeah. I decided that transport will be an issue every day and not going to spend too much time on it every post so will just colour code it. lol. I thought it was pretty clever and I was inspired by the US terror alert colour codes as Lis said above.

    Well, my neighbour's Westie is very friendly and has not bitten me yet. So that is one for the Westies. And I do intend to try Sainsbury's delivery service but I am too soft hearted. I would hate to have some poor young man having to come out in this weather just to bring me a bag of ready meals. lol.

  5. Oh and I think the Russians' bid lost some steam late in the game so I think it is between the Iberians and the Brits. I would prefer the Brits because y'all are just more fun and hilarious when it comes to football. I wanna see how ole Dave Cameron and his successor, whoever that may be are going to deal with the hooligans, transport et al. Plus I love Becks to death and want to see him happy. lol.


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