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The hottest feet in London these days...
I am so unsexy right now. Trudging around the house in sweats and layers of clothing, despite the heater being on because guess who's back? Fiery Fever! Woot woot! What a way to roll out of 2010, eh? And fluffy socks are part of any sick diva's armoury - I have them in pink, purple, black with sparklies, yellow. But who can match when you just want to lie in bed under the blankie all day?

But who can lie under the blankie all day when one has to read what has the most boring load of roasting hot turd ever conceptualised by idle homosapiens? Oh my God. Who cares about questionnaires and multivariate methods and sampling? It is so tedious. I think it is exacerbating my illness quite frankly!!!

I am not getting better it seems. I felt better yesterday but woke up this morning and  today I felt 100 times worse and I am now contemplating going to a GP but I am too scared to leave the house and go out into the cold. lol.

Looking forward to this...

Home, sweet home
You know I went to Tesco and saw Carib beer priced at £1.62 - and after doing the math quickly in my head, yuh know I left that right there, especially since the exported Carib is watered down for foreign palates and tastes like mess. But boy, was it a joy to behold nonetheless. Now if I saw me some Crix...well, that is another matter altogether!


  1. Yikes! I hope you feel better fast. It sucks to be sick at this time of the year. Well, anytime, but especially now.

  2. Thanks Karen. Really praying this blows over soon. Don't want to start a new year feeling like old rubbish. lol.

  3. Lady, tell me you are somewhere with a glass of red wine, rolling that bad ass, working that cold away. Happy New Year love.


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