London Paralysed Again

Photo courtesy BBC -
Rail line between London and Brighton under snow.
I had decided yesterday after freezing my booty off on the platform waiting for my train, that the 9am class today was not worth the trouble and though I don't like missing the 1pm class, I was not going all that way, and through all the trouble of readjusting my journey plans to get a train that actually is running for one class either. Thus I had written off Thursday December 2, 2010 as a home-day. So when I saw the email from school that campus was closed, I felt vindicated. I was also a tad bit alarmed because what if I had decided to put the "S" on my chest and to actually go today? The email came at 7.44am by which time I would have been out in the Tundra already, maybe on my way to campus. I would have been so pissed. But intuition won and the school was spared a torching and I am a bright YELLOW today. The public transportation system has been under serious pressure and God, I can only imagine the chaos today.

It's really cold outside though and I envy noone out there today. I am working on assignments today, though I am more inclined to get back under my blanket and sleep. It's really a challenge to study and be productive when the view from the front door looks like this...

The view from my window is pretty cool, but snow is only beautiful when you're not outside in it.

My main concern now is not the snow and the hundreds and thousands of people stranded somewhere out there, but will this damn snow mess with my salon appointment on Saturday? That's the real crisis! I hope the weather gets better. Dear God, I just want 8 days of okay weather starting on Saturday, so I can get my hair done, get my birthday on and just be a happy bunny. Is that too much to ask? I think it might be, so let's just work on Saturday morning and I can be content with that. I have a great week ahead and great week and great mood has to start with great hair...even if it is under a hat all day.

I am happy I am home to watch the World Cup bid announcement live as well. I am rooting for the Brits on this one. I wonder if all the people out there at the stations are even thinking about it. So sad.

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  1. I can't believe this weather. I've not been out for so long I'm developing 'agrophobia'. Anyway i hope you get your hair done and it's not too bad down there. I ave a little award for you on my page. :) Hope that brings a smile to the day.


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