Early Morning Questionnaire

I would kill for one of these babies.
Amazon.com, here I come!
The Market Research gods may find all sorts of issues with my meme but it is MY meme, and I will do what I wanna do with it.

Time: 3.05 am
Health Check: Dismal - yellow London ambulance on speed dial; bag of drugs within easy reach
Reason up so late: Reliability and Validity of Measurement Scales - the joy of my life!
Mood: Annoyed - But rest assured, it is reliable annoyance and quite valid!
Greatest Desire: That a humidifier will magically appear in my room, loaded with Menthol
Stark Realisation: I really loathe studying and exams and I am not prepared. While I may get better with age, my relationship with coffee-filled nights and textbooks continues to deteriorate
Craving: Caribbean sun and heat, and a roti, and some TLC
Most exciting chore of the day: Ordering something sparkly and more importantly, ON SALE, online. I caved!
Most excited for: Receiving said sparkly sale item in the post tomorrow. Gotta love one day delivery
What am I going to do now: Pack up the books and go to bed
But what about just before that...?: Oh, make a lovely cup of hot Lemsip
Greatest wish for the day: That I wake up feeling 100 times better.
Parting words: Would it be wrong if I steal some slices of ham to fill the gaping hole in my stomach before bed? Studying really builds up an appetite!


  1. Booo. I'm sorry you're still feeling ill. I hope you feel a thousand times better in the morning and that you get through that studying!

  2. Thank you Karen. The jury is still out on how I feel this morning because fatigue is the overriding feeling at the moment. I am sure sickness will kick in momentarily. lol. Holiday break, my ass.


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