Merry Christmas!!!

My personalised Christmas card this year.
One of them anyway...
Well, it's almost here and thus almost over. I am sitting here wrestling with the decision on whether I should actually get on a bus and try this Christmas shopping thing again after Wednesday's disaster. I am never usually a fan of Christmas Eve shopping - all the people, the crowds. But especially since I live with someone whose idea of Christmas is a pot of pelau - a pot of pelau that is usually not very good I might add - I really am inclined to finish Christmas food shopping at least. Even though we will probably not spend the day at home and thus I will be served a proper Christmas meal, Boxing Day will not see me eating pelau either. It is also a brilliant day today - as brilliant as it can get here. It is not grey, not snowing, I see something that looks vaguely like the sun, so I am going to go out in it, if even for a little while.

I will be going to church tomorrow though. I have not gone to church in years but with the options rather limited here for Christmas enjoyment, I have decided to go worship, listen to carols and hope that God forgives me for being such a brat. It puts a whole new spin on the day though - it means I cannot sleep in late, it means my planned outfit may need a bit of revising, but it means I will be around others and hopefully feel Christmassy. Ha. Long shot.

I am glad though that the snow did not delay my Christmas cards to my parents. My cute and specially selected cards got to the recipients yesterday, so yaaay. Sure they are just cards, but they were sent with lots of love, and I know they will be appreciated and at least they will have me near the top of mind and not forget about me. lol.

I have also been doing my Santa duties with my neighbours out shopping and dropping hot cash in a mall somewhere, while I sit at home - and being the only available resident in my part of the street, all the bigger deliveries are being nicely left with me for them to collect. Oh joy. I have been spying on where they have been shopping - Body Shop, Amazon, nothing totally exciting.

Not sure about the Boxing Day sales here either. I love a sale but being a student does not make sales as sexy as they should be. Additionally, the wonderful tube workers have planned their millionth strike of 2010 for that day so transport will be a nightmare - between the 1million+ women trying to get to Harrod's and Westfield, and the 2million+ men trying to get to the Boxing Day football matches, I am not sure I want to be part of the public transport hamster mash. I will lust from a distance, with the click of my mouse...hopefully.

Sadly I have also finished off the top tray of the chocolate marshmallows. They are just so good I could not resist. I am less inclined to get another carton today but at the rate I am going, I may need it.
Really gonna try and get some work done today but I have failed all week. I am thinking of voicing my concerns about the timing of these exams so this tragedy does not befall next year's cohort. I mean, trying to study over the holidays? Really? It's not easy. I have done zero. It's crunch time now.

In any event, Merry Christmas to the 2.5 readers out there and hope you have a great Christmas Day with your families.

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  1. I have come by to wish you a very, very Happy Christmas...guess who is still in the UK having had her plans disrupted...yeah that would be me then. It's so unfestive in this house it is untrue...we've no deocrations, presents or even Christmas food as we are snowed in again...yip. Stupid impractical car means we can't get down the drive even and Sainsbury's can't deliver because all the slot times have gone. Didn't expect to be here so oh dear! I'll probably post on my blog tomorrow if I'm not out of my head on wine :) I just wanted to say that I was thinking of you at this time of the year. It's *@$! being away from your family but I really hope you have friends and neighbours to spend time with. Off to defrost some bread from the freezer...thank heavens for dried pasta! Merry Christmas dear Trininista x


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