When exactly is Christmas??

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My camera's battery needs recharging
I had resolved not to blog when I don't feel chipper and for the past few days I have not been. I spent each day in bed, feeling horrible, sleeping a lot and just not embracing the world, except via online streaming and Sky. Not much has changed today, but I have exams looming and so I need to open the books and get into a productive, non-moping frame of mind.

I did manage to use the few days to catch up on emails, Grey's Anatomy (the best show ever!!), Desperate Housewives, Bridget Jones (both movies, but nothing beats the first. She is so me it is scary!) and cooking. I had been wanting a meal of curried chicken since my birthday and so with the supplies I picked up in Sainsbury's on Friday (smart girl to pick up stuff after class on Friday, so I do not have to leave the house until after Christmas), I turned a pot yesterday, making the house all warm and spicy smelling. It was a highlight.

I also tried finding a centre at which I could volunteer and kill the "sad" bug but seems London is not only filled with lonely people, but filled with lonely people with the same idea and the woman told me that they did not need any more volunteers. Imagine that. So that leaves the books. Oh joy. lol.

My mother has started the holiday madness at home, and when I spoke to her via Skype on Sunday, she was covered in paint from the house painting and flower pot painting. She is a trip, lemme tell ya. It is a very Trini phenomenon - this topsy-turvying of the house for Christmas. It is part of what makes it so special for so many people. It's a renewal of sorts and a sadistic way of families bonding. lol. Honestly, I do not miss that part. I hate housework. But I do miss the cooking and the baking and the Christmas parties and dinners and seeing friends and family. Nothing is happening here. I had brought pastelles with me, and dried sorrel, so I can have a taste of home that way. If I feel like it, I may bake a cake, but I don't feel like it actually. Not sure what I am doing on the day. I am not even sure what day it is (checking calendar in head...too much effort, so stop). I have zero spirit. Zero.

But I do have curry and clean laundry after a very productive Monday so that is a blessing. I also have Inception, which is also a great thing and I will save that for a free moment. Until then, wish me luck with the textbooks. God knows I will need it.

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  1. Mmmm, I love some good curry!

    I'm sorry you haven't been feeling so happy. I definitely understand. It's been tough to get into the Christmas spirit this year. I wish I had TIME to volunteer somewhere.


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