Mobile Phone Autobots

Breakfast of champions. It was foggy when I pulled the curtains back this morning and a bit chilly, but then in my present condition, I am constantly chilly. So I made myself a cup of hot chocolate and doused it with mini marshmallows. I have run out of bread, and forgot to ask my cousin to get me some yesterday because hell no, I am not gonna get it myself. I may just call him after his meeting and ask him to do his girl a favour.

Speaking of phone calls, I remember putting my mobile phone down one day and having a friend laugh at it because it had an antenna. I had never noticed it before - the antenna.

I had never really thought about the fact that my cell phone was a virtual dinosaur in the iPhone/Blackberry/Android lovin' world. I had always just regarded it for what it was - a phone: a connection between myself and people who may want to talk to me or text me. I barely use it because the most important people in my life can reach me via Skype and email, but it's always good to have it - in case you're stranded or locked out of the house. True stories! lol.

I used to be a really serious phone person. I remember when I got my very first cell phone, a Nokia, I would spend hours on it with my then-boyfriend. I mean, 3-4 hours just talking on the phone. Fast forward and people have phones but they don't really use them to make calls. This is where I guess, I am really un-hip and totally unprogressive. This is probably why I never noticed the antenna on my un-smart phone. People don't call anymore. Communication has gone from voice to text, BBMs and the like.

I am not as neanderthal as one may think. I am just a student, using a hand me down phone because I did not see the point of spending money on a new one when this one works just fine. In my previous life, as corporate superstar, I was part of the Blackberry tribe - with the world at my fingertips. But even then, I was not a texter, a BBMer, an emailer - except when sitting in waiting rooms, bored out of my mind. I was not the person taking photos all day of people and things around me, missing priceless interaction in the process. But I was the person who appreciated a phone call - an honest to goodness, ring ring, hello phonecall. I really really despise texting. The odd text to ask for a favour or something - sure (with a push), but carrying on an entire conversation using the keypad - annoying. The same went for BBM-ing. C'mon.

I am always challenged here by the hamsters on the trains, with their eyes glued to a smartphone screen, doing God knows what and not seeing the life around them. They're called smartphones but really, we don't look too smart using them - slaves to a tiny keypad. We look like robots unaware of each other. It's pretty sad. I think I will stick to my outdated antenna'ed phone, thanks.

And may I also add that life is fragile. Not trying to be dramatic or anything (okay, maybe I am cause I am a dramatic, but I was so sick last night that when I finally put myself to bed, I thought, God, will I open my eyes in the morning? lol. Seriously though - we take so much for granted sometimes. Think about it.

I have a full day of studying ahead, so turning both my laptop and my prehistoric phone off. Wish me and my sinuses good luck!


  1. Hi Trinista. Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you honey and a Happy 2011 to you as well.

  3. Angry Birds. That's what we--I mean THEY--are doing on those smart phones...


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