My Favourite Christmas Movies

So my friends know that Christmas ranks right up there with Valentine's as one of the worst days of the year for me. lol. used to be a lovely time for me. I loved Christmas. My mum would be up all hours of the night baking and I would get new pyjamas and new curtains for my room. One year she got me Smurf curtains - awesome. We would stay up late waiting for Daddy who would do his traditional Christmas Eve parangin' (visiting friends and loading up on free drinks and eats) with his friends. Christmas morning we would open our presents - my brother and I - and we would have breakfast and then head over to my grandmother's house. The 11 million cousins and aunts and uncles would all be there and us kids would show off our presents and eat cake and the adults would drink rum and whiskey and give us sips of this warm goodness (my mum, not my dad...I think he is in denial that I even drink even at my

Then the cousins moved to the US. The Christmas Day celebrations got smaller. My grandmother got sick. It was no longer fun for me. It was depressing. I have never recovered from this loss. I think saying I hate Christmas is a bit much, because I do enjoy what the season means in terms of family and loved ones, but the other crap I can do without. The aimless and nonsensical spending. The lovebirds canoodling in public. The screaming kids in the town centres. Oh God...the screaming kids. The housework. My mother is anal with the housework. Needless to say I have dodged that bullet this year. I doubt my cousin is going to be changing curtains. I may probably bake here, and I have brought my pastelles in advance but I can honestly say I will miss being home for Christmas, just for the family factor. It's my nephew's first Christmas and my cousin will be home and my mum will miss me and vice versa. Yeah, I will be spending my first Christmas ever away from my family. Not to mention, it will be my first Christmas ever studying. WTF! In any event, one thing I do love about the dratted holiday are the movies and these are the movies I always always watch every year while downing the Bailey's and the Hennessy.

1. The Ultimate. Christmas is not Christmas without this one. I love Hugh Grant and his floppy haired sexiness. I love Bill Nighy. I love Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, but not Keira Knightley. I don't like her. I love the entire cast (except Keira Knightley). I love this movie (but not Keira good as she was in Pride and Prejudice as well, she really spoiled the whole thing for me). Love, Actually is a classic by now. Ahh yes, is there anyone out there who does not love Love, Actually? Give me some wine, some chocolates and a Kleenex and I am good to go.

2.My hero. Grinch has some stiff competition here. Watch out buddy. I am on your heels.

3.My other hero.  I never miss the first half hour. The f@!* stick scene and the I am Not Gay scene - classic. Classic. Billy Bob, I salute you. He's like the dirty old man living alone on the corner, isn't he? Frightful but delightful!

4. Cuddly soft and cute enough to save himself from the pot. Trinis love a good bowl of deer. Rudolph, I love you and your red nose. So you're safe my friend.

5. And though it is not a Christmas movie per se, it opened every Christmas Day for 3 years and on the last year I actually left the house, much to my mother's horror that I would dare leave the house on CHRISTMAS DAY, to go sit in a cinema to see it as soon as it opened. She was not impressed. But I was. It was great. One of my favourite movie trilogies ever.

Once my movies are on, I will be okay. I think.

I could not resist...

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  1. I LOVE Love Actually! One of my favorite movies ever. Definitely a fave Christmas flick!


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