The London Hamster Sprint

The unthinkable has happened.

I have found myself running for buses and trains. I have found myself cursing the fat woman or the slow moving tantie in front of me, strolling through the underground corridors as if she has no f...g place to go, as I am trying to pelt my ass and my bookbag to the next available train for fear of missing my overground train and having to wait another 25-30 minutes, thus risking being late for class or just being late for home. I am one of those tight-arsed, tight-lipped Brits, peeps. My God.

I was actually strolling to my train this evening as I was just frickin' tired and then somehow got caught up in the hamster sprint with a train sitting at the stop and quite forgetting myself, I jumped on it, getting pushed and squeezed in the process. It was only after the doors had closed that I cursed to myself - this ain't even my so and so train. lol. Had to jump off at the next stop, take the train back to my original stop and guess what? Wait half hour for the next one. lol. I can laugh now but I was not laughing then.

And another thing - it really knots my socks when you're sitting on the train, trying to de-frazzle, with your schoolbooks etc on the seat next to you and some pervy asshole asks to sit next to you when there are empty seats ALL any of the EIGHT coaches. But no...I must move my bag and my books and inconvenience myself so you can breathe my air. Take it from me, you're not going to win any brownie points by doing that. I will move my bag if the train is filling up, but gimme a lil chance nah. Gosh man.

I am finally home and showered and lotioned up. If anyone wants to make my prayer list for the next year, you would buy me this..SERIOUSLY.

Nothing else works. I use Palmer's Cocoa Butter...not the real butter but the watery shit in the bottle. I use Buffy. I use Keri. But only Lay It on Thick keeps my skin from becoming like an alligator's. And from itching in this dry, cold air. Oh please please...someone. Get to your nearest Bath and Body Works and send me a tube. I am on perhaps my last squeeze. lol.

Other than that, I have work, group assignments (postgrad group assignments are as annoying as undergrad group assignments and maybe worse cause patience in my case, decreases with age) and during the week, no life. I feel like I am home, at work - the only difference being, I get paid to work and have no life. lol. I am the one paying others to offer me inconvenience on a silver platter. It is hilarious. But's a lot of work, and the end seems miles and miles away because there are a million chapters to read before next week, but I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Somewhere. Maybe it's the train I am running for. Maybe. Anyway, I live for the weekend. Trying to plan drinks after Eff Dem Friday - classes til 5pm. And anything involving a laugh and maybe a cute boy.


  1. Hahaha! I remember working in London for a while and getting caught up in that running thing. It's amazing isn't it? You don't have to be anywhere in a hurry and all of a sudden you are running with the herd, up escalators, down escalators,along streets and for no good reason. No wonder people leave and go abroad. Good luck with the skin is dire at the moment with the weather. 'Bio Oil' is quite good but a bit greasy. Or you could just chuck some cooking oil over yourself and be done for the day! Enjoy the weekend and have some fun. x

  2. Cooking oil may just be the thing. lol. Thanks love. I plan to have some kinda fun this weekend. Same to you I hope.


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