Rain, Traffic and Taxi - Lethal Combo

When it's raining, there is traffic and you have to take public transportation, you know it's going to be a bad day.

Today was my first day in a long time not sitting behind the wheel of a car. Having sold my car, my last 2 days at work will mean I have to bus it or taxi it. This morning was horrendous. Just horrendous!

First I got a taxi from my town to the city. It would usually take approximately 18-22 minutes. It took 8. This man had zero consideration for my safety. I don't care if he wants to die, but being so close to something I have been looking forward to for so long, I did not want to end it now. Eight minutes later I crossed myself and said never again. Additionally, why do I always get a taxi where at least one person smells like old gym socks? He is on a roll with the prizes this morning, because the driver was REAL frowsy smelling. When I first sat in the car, I smelled baby powder from the woman in the front seat, Curve from Indian fella next to me, and add my Heat by Beyonce and things were shaping up nicely in the aroma department. Then the driver entered the car and it all went downhill from there. I don't think he has washed that t-shirt in years, but wow...he was really frowsy. If he has a wife, shame on her for sending her man out smelling like a bag of old clothes.

Of course there is also always some ass who has ZERO consideration for the fact that I took some time to try to make my must-visit-salon hair neat and presentable. This prize goes to the clown (the Curve fella) on my right who rolled the window down and the 4am breeze threatened to whip my hair into a frenzy but while I was probably prepared to crash due to the Mach 10 driving, I was not willing to have f...d up hair, so I had a word with him and the window went up. Priorities.

So now I needed to get a taxi to Port of Spain and before I could close the car door, the North-South vultures all swooped down on me and my $15. I saw one guy, sniffed him out, scoped out his taxi and then had a stern word with him.

Me: Driver, I just want to tell you right now, I cannot handle any speeding eh.
Driver: Nah. Yuh safe
Me: I safe? Doh be mamaguying me for my $15 you know. If I feel like you're going too fast, I will not be paying eh.
Driver: Nah darling, yuh good. Just tap me on my shoulder if you feel I going too fast for you.
Me: Because I have plenty to live for. I have a lil nephew I want to see get married and ting.
Driver: Oh gosh darling, why you hadda talk so?
Me: Because the man I just came up with clearly did not appreciate my life
Driver: Come come. You safe with me.

Needless to say, when I sat down in the very clean, fresh smelling taxi, and heard the gospel music and the sermon on the radio, I said, this man will not lie to me. And he had not. He handled himself and his taxi nicely along the wet roads, in the traffic. He did do some shoulder hogging but that is expected but my life was not in any danger, at least not from him. Maybe from the guy snoring like a garbage truck crusher next to me, but not from high speed drama. When we got to POS, I thanked him for his consideration and he told me come again. lol.

Little does he know that if I have to sell my body to ensure I have a car when I come back home to avoid ever having to do this again, I will.

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  1. OMG! That was a good one! I love your priorities! LMAO!!!


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