Past, Present and Future

The best part of any job would definitely be the people. I have been blessed to have made some really great friends during my career. My girlfriends from my last job took me out to lunch yesterday at one of my favourite restaurants, Chaud, and I highly recommend the oxtail cannelloni, friends. I mean, two of my favourite things in one meal - oxtail and pasta. Who would have thought? (the image there is not my actual lunch. taking a photo of it would have just been ghetto! It actually looked much better than this)

But the mascara drama really got going back at the office where my present colleagues attempted to surprise me with a farewell shindig. I had gotten a meeting request earlier in the day that gave it away for though it purported to be a  meeting about Wednesday's budget presentation and its implications for our business, I was like I'm leaving so why would I be invited to this? Easy giveaway. But that did not stop it from being extremely sentimental. They really are, and this is no BS, a great bunch of people and they made my time there memorable. Each job has its crap moments and some days you go Why am I working here? But even if you leave you always miss the people. I will miss the people very much.

But I will be stylin'. At lunch we were talking about how you never let anyone know you're down. Your outer projection, even if your finances are in the toilet, your man has left you, or you have serious issues, should be one of utter confidence, poise and fabulousity. So though I will be unemployed and counting pences religiously, I will be ferosh! Thanks to my colleagues for my fabulous school bag.

Today I get to spend all day with my cute as a button nephew. Pity he is too small and too adorable to be put to work cause I will also be packing and making dhalpuri. I am tired, have neck and shoulder pains and a bit cranky but ever so blessed as always. Eid Mubarak everyone.

p.s. Oh, forgot about the Future part of the entry. So on the networking site for the Sep 2010 intake of students, I have already gotten a stalker. A Nigerian stalker. You know how I feel about Nigerian men. God has a weird sense of humour. lol.

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