For Sale: Love, Sex and Marriage

A friend shared this video with me and besides the obvious hilarity of it (only a Trini has this kinda time to it really is an amusing reflection of a segment of the local dating scene. In fact, it is not so uncommon in other places either. A dude buys you a drink and though after having to pay for my own drink at a party once, and recognising just how expensive cocktails can be, a $30 drink does not equal commitment.

I saw an episode of Oprah once where a grown woman, I mean a woman in her 50s, was asking Oprah whether it was expected that after a man paid for dinner, that she should sleep with him. I am not sure where this whole material barter thing started - food or drink for sex - but I would hope that more women would appreciate that they are worth more than a plate of ribs or a beer, like my puppet friend in the video. True, some women up the ante and barter sex and companionship for more expensive things like a house, car, trips etc, giving rise to the sugar daddy syndrome, which I support, tongue in cheek. lol. But is love - be it physical or the whole deal - really on sale?

 I just loved the video and wanted to share it. I have a myriad of things I need to do today and I think I should go take a shower.

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  1. I remember sitting in the bar with a group of people when I was 18. One of the guys said women were like prostitutes, bartering sex for drinks, food and vacations.
    I made sure I never accepted anything from men after that!

  2. Loved your post!! Thank you for your visit ... I love your header title!! I will be popping for visits again. Can't wait to start reading about your travel to London and how Christmas will differ for you from the Carribean aside from the given of the weather... HHL

  3. Thanks HHL. It surely should be an adventure.

    Kate, I am really particular about what I accept from men and what strings come with such offers


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