Missing the Water when the Well Runs Dry

I am not a huge Christmas person. I have not been a huge Christmas person since I was a child. It's a lot of bollocks, with all the crazy shopping, squandermania, topsy turvy cleaning, none of which I will miss. But I will miss the Christmas cooking. And the parents and my nephew. Christmas in London has a lot to make up for, lemme tell ya. But I have started off with my best foot forward.

Yes. I pre-ordered and will be packing my pastelles in my luggage and I hope noone from Customs is reading this but even if you are, we will have to fight for these pastelles. I really actually enjoy making my own pastelles but who has that kinda time, and worse would I be able find the good cornmeal in London? I may also take up some dried sorrel and hope to God the Brits don't think it's some kinda new hallucinogenic herb for smoking. This will be my first Christmas ever away from home and it feels odd already. I will miss my nephew's first Christmas and cute stuff like that and it's these things that make me want to change my plans and stay home. But then I have days like today at the office (hellish) and it reminds me to call the High Commission and confirm the time I can pick up my passport with my visa.


  1. If customs do stop you, eat your pastelles there and then! Some of my mum's lovely home cooking went to waste that way and I wished I had eaten it there.

  2. (1) Make sure to freeze those pastelles;
    (2) Your nephew's first Christmas (at 4 months of age) - he won't do much. Trust me, it won't matter to him if the bells were hung on a plant. But make sure you are home for the next Christmas when he's 1+ yrs old - that is surely not to be missed.
    (3) Roll up the pastelles and dried sorrel real good in your checked in luggage. The worst is that the dogs in London sniff out the pastelles and then you'll have to eat them right there.

  3. The pastelles are in the freezer and I going to wear something cute and smile plenty so even if the dogs sniff out mih business, I will use my feminine skills to keep my pastelles. And I sat the baby down and had a long talk with him and told him he is old enough now (3 weeks old) to use Skype. We shook on it!


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