She's Really Leaving?

So now that HR has decided to share resignations on the intranet, I guess everyone knows I am leaving. The reactions so far have mostly been that of shock and dismay, and I have to say, that's a bit flattering. I did not realise I was so highly regarded by my peers. Interesting. I also got the more touching and sentimental reactions - the ones that can lead to mascara drama, so I beat it out of those conversations pretty damn quick. Lots of congratulations and looks of "wish it were me". lol. Lots of words of support and it really meant a lot. The phone has been ringing off the hook as more people log on to the intranet and see my name plastered across the screen. Not the way I want my business out there, but what's done is done. It's funny. People keep asking if it's a misprint and if it's really my name on the list. lol. It's nice to know I have made some kind of valid contribution. The last phone call was pretty awesome. I really feel blessed and appreciated. You don't always know if you're appreciated when you work somewhere, but I have had the good fortune of really feeling the love from those I have worked with.

Still, the work continues. I could easily have signed off and said Eff this! I am leaving so this is no longer my headache. But I am not that type of employee. I will give my best until the very last day. However, my fabulousity has suffered slightly. I did not pass an iron on today's earth toned outfit, but I did make the effort with the eye makeup. I was so tired last night that I almost put a pair of jeans on, but then that would not have flown with the old school hierarchy.

I am about 85% complete with the clearing of my desk and wished the clearing of my bedroom was so far along. My God. How does one girl have so many items of clothing? It's funny. When I went off into the world of the undergrad, it was a real sacrifice. Not to say this isn't cause it is, but my parents were not well off and I did not have to worry too much about sorting clothes because I did not have a lot of nice things as I do now. It was hard then but I rallied. Now, I have to temper my desire to pack every blouse, every pair of pants, with practical restraint. I have come a long way. It will not be easy going back to being a scrunting student after years of getting a salary but I am used to sacrifice by now. I will make it with or without my leopard print high heeled pumps.

I have also found 2 Trinis via Facebook who will be enrolling with me and one high school girlfriend who, though not in the same school, will be joining the super fabulous life of the unemployed postgrad student in London as well.

The saga continues...

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  1. This is the first i've heard of this! I'm so happy for you Tam! i can't just imagine the adventures.
    All the best moving and keep writing about it all. Now that I have weekends off, i can keep up :)


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