Cuppa Coffee, Anyone?

It's been a really long time since I have had to do anything other than watch tv and sleep on a Sunday. I sat down with the best intentions of reading this global marketing text and after the second page I was nodding off. I am probably too old for this school thing or the text books are probably more and more tedious. Also the worst thing one can possibly do is look at just how much you need to read in total. It is a sure way to go crazy. I decided to take a break, make a cup of coffee and waste time online until I felt re-energised.


The coffee worked a bit, but I really miss my oversized coffee mug and my next purchase outside of fluffier socks and thermal underwear will probably be a cute coffee/soup mug for winter days and nights. I really am in love with the Blue Celtic Ceramic Mug below. It's so me. Feel free to buy it for me as an early birthday/Christmas present.

I also miss having a warm body in my bed. Out of the gutter, kids. I meant a dog. The neighbour's dog has been barking up a storm since yesterday and is currently out in the backyard looking as cute as a button. I love how his mum calls him in for breakfast every day. Precious. I also ran into him yesterday during his walk and he is so affable and loving and cute. I really miss having a dog and though it definitely will not happen here, with my dog-hating cousin in the house, I want to have a dog again soon. Until then...the warmest thing around here is my laptop, which I should get off if I am to finish reading these 6 chapters.


  1. I do NOT miss the days of blinding myself from hours of trying to read text books. That's probably why I stopped at a Bachelor's Degree!

    I want a dog, too. The lease won't allow us one and, even if it did, I'm sure my roommates would make a lot of noise against it. Someday...

  2. This is a rude reminder of how much I hate studying. lol.


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