Jobless, but not hapless in London

So I am back in London. But this time not as the divalicious tourist but as the fabulous unemployed student. I did some grocery shopping yesterday and it reminded me that during my student days, macaroni and cheese, and crackers and green tea will be my best friends. Got two boxes of green tea. I'm ready. The good thing is I will lose some weight for sure and maybe get back my undergrad body. lol. Miracles do happen!

To answer Bingi's question about BA, we need to go back to last week where I was trying ardently to get the lowly 20% discount on my second bag by paying for it online. However, try as I might, the site would not let me. I called and tweeted and was told I would have the option during online check in, so on Tuesday evening, armed with my credit card, I tried again, and still no luck. And though the difference between paying online and paying at the airport represented £8, it's an £8 that could look like £800 when your belly empty. lol. So I called again and got a very wonderful and friendly agent named Gail, who herself tried and confirmed my suspicion - the website was crap. Sadly, as friendly as she was, Gail could not give me my £8 discount over the phone and I was left with no choice but to go to the airport and pay the full £40. Smurfy I was not. BA's rating had quickly gone from a top pick of say, 9, to a meagre 3. But they're back to being a 9, and perhaps even a 10. I got to the airport and not only were my constant complaints logged in and available to the ticket agent, but it was proof that I had indeed tried to access mih £8 discount so guess who managed to keep her £8 in her pocket? And try as I did, my bags were still overweight, though just by 1kg a piece. Some hater would have made me pay that £30 but the poor student won again and I was politely scolded and allowed to board without a fuss.

So KUDOS TO BRITISH AIRWAYS and welcome back to being my #1 airline!

There was no crying at the airport. My mother held up well. But there was lots of crying on the plane. I held up well but the child next to me did not. Other than that, it was uneventful, from plane to Border Control to Customs. I made it...without having to cut my eye at anyone. Kudos to me.

It's surprisingly sunny and bright here though a bit chilly and I am in the house relaxing and watching Murder She Wrote on Sky. I left the house briefly today to go to the bank (but they could not do what I needed so will organise my account on Monday at the branch near school) and a phone card for my mobile. I may take a spin down to Covent Garden and ultimately to Lush tomorrow to get some stuff and meet up with a couple people, and oh...get a converter so I can use my laptop without it catching fire. Funny story...I think I was so tired last night that I did not bother to check voltage requirements etc and just plugged my alarm/radio into the adapter and into the wall. A minute later, there was a crackle, a pop but no cute cereal mascots. Only the acrid smell of my cute RCA radio biting the dust. I still slept like a stone but now I need to buy a new one.

I have zero interest in doing anything else cause I will soon be wishing for days like these when I don't have assignments, reading or exams. So hate me while I kick back with a glass of Tropicana red grape juice and some shrimp ravioli. I will be hating you soon enough.

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