Date Night

As if I were not annoyed enough about having to spend my one free Friday on campus, and then leaving afer 7pm, a dude decided he would try to get snippy and I really was not feeling the attitude. So we had made tentative plans for tomorrow but because I was not sure whether I would need to have a team meeting on Saturday, I could not confirm a time with him immediately. I sent him a text telling him I would confirm this evening after our meeting. He texts me last night, clearly in some kinda rush and I told him again, I would let him know for sure on Friday evening. I mean, if you had something you wanted to plan, just let me know. I could have planned for another day, but he responded that this was cool. As I am leaving campus after working for hours,and deciding that my Saturday had to be mine and not school's, I text him back to tell him what time would work for me. This is the text this bright man sent me:

Hey sorry thought it was evening now so have made plans.

I mean, wow. I was being schooled in when was evening. Can I just say I came here for a Masters degree and not for a distinction in Debrett's etiquette lesson. WTF.

Add annoyance, extreme hunger and cold, and I was not at all impressed with this f..r. So if he thought he was being cheeky, well he clearly had no idea who the arse he was dealing with. Trust me, this not-so-stunning ass knows now. All I will say is, there will be no date tomorrow or ever, and he has not responded. lol.

Instead I seem to have a date with 2 Marketing texts and a PowerPoint presentation and at this present time with a glass of a very nice Shiraz. At least they don't talk back.


  1. He making sure you know he in demand, doh play wid he!!!! LOL!!!! This an English dude? What about the recreation???

  2. Bingi, the dude not even all that so he should be glad I was willing to waste an hour or so of my life on him. I guess he was playing games but backfired. Trying to keep my options open since the dude I told you guys about seems to have come down with a severe case of Sticking or Getting Too Comfortable.


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