I Heart Amazon Retail Therapy

So don't think I am just idly hawking Amazon products on my blog. I actually love Amazon though not in a great position to buy anything for myself at the moment. But I think recognising my need for an adrenaline rush, a welcome break from the marketing texts, some retail therapy, my cousin offered up a miracle.

His credit card.

And not just to hold, but to make actual purchases. And while only two of them impact me directly and were minor activities - my student photocard and my UK RumFest ticket, I felt the surge of trininista retail juices surging through my veins when I added these to my empty virtual basket.

I can only pray that one day soon, I can ring up something cute for myself. Til then, I await "my" delivery in the next 3-5 days.


  1. I am so addicted to amazon too! It's THE BEST! You'll get to your purchases soon SITStah!;)

  2. I don't think they have it in the UK, but the Amazon prime is their latest form of crack addiction! You can get just about anything/everything they sell with free 2-day or $4 overnight delivery! I need something from the store, I check Amazon first to see if I can order razors or groceries before forcing myself to run out! It's marketing genius & I can't believe how much more shopping I do now that I can have nearly instant gratification without having to fight parking lot crowds.


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