Back to School

I am too tired to write much. I mean, it's like they tried to pack a lifetime of induction knowledge into 8 hours. It was just too much and not just for my old brain, but the young'uns were struggling too. I mean, who puts the librarian's session after lunch?? REALLY??? I was waging a serious battle with sleep at that point. I think she realised a half hour before the scheduled end that she, her presentation with the cute graphics and her examples were just not making sense at that point and she surrendered a full 25 mins ahead of time. We could read the pamphlets.

Yes peeps. Back to school. It was an okay kinda day, just too much for one sitting, man. The classmates are alright. Mostly Europeans, with 2 Nigerians, one Yank and one Trininista. No Brits. The Bajan and the last person aren't here yet. One dude is pretty annoying but I put on my best laugh and did not stare at him blankly, nor did I roll my eyes. Impressive. The two module leaders we have met so far are pretty cool and their classes should be interesting. And I am the ole timer in the group, I think, though I suspect one of the guys is hiding his age. lol. The timetable is a bit intimidating with one 3 hour class first thing on a Monday morning. I mean...who thought of that? And a 5 hour class on a Friday! Sadists. So, again, I have not a single regret about last weeks's vegging on the couch.

I also think I have literally lost about 8 pounds already. I had to keep pulling my jeans up all day which was highly annoying. All this pedestrian action is really taking its toll, and granted, weight loss is a great thing, but not when you cannot afford to buy new jeans cause the ones you have are apparently getting too big. lol. I have been eating really healthily as well, which does not help. I mean when a decent sized bag of pre-cut stir fry veggies cost a quid, you're gonna be eating pretty damn healthy. lol. I am supposed to have a "date" tomorrow but if I feel anything like I feel now, then that is going to be a disaster of royal proportions. I am really exhausted.

Headache of the century and a mother who wants me to stay up past midnight so she can Skype at 7pm her time. The things I do...


  1. Stopping by from are the second blogger I have found from Trinidad & Tobago. I took my Senior Spring Break there in 2001 and loved it. My friends and I still talk about going back.

  2. You should definitely go back. I love my little rock in the sea. lol. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Man it would kill me if Jamie moved to another country!


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