Rainy weekend...no...life, in London

So after a long week of classes and group assignments and commuting and all that other fun stuff associated with grad school, the girls and I (and Scott) went out for drinks. I am as boring and predictable as ever and of course had a strawberry daiquiri and the S.D. at our local Ha Ha Bar and Grill was awesome. Special thanks to our cute bartender, Jamie for being so cute and sweet and giving us hope for the male world. We had such a good time and we really needed it because the work is now coming at us fast and furious and soon we will be bug-eyed, anti-social creatures.

I also think the warm days are officially over. Goodbye sun. Hello rain. This is the England we expect and have nightmares about. Grey skies, rain, sourpusses in the rain. I planned to go to the shopping centre down the road today and donned my best light drizzle outfit, only to have it go from light drizzle to heavy drizzle. Then the "every 15 mins" bus became a "every 50 mins" bus and then when it got there, it was packed with Londoners, smashed against the glass doors that the driver decided he would not take any additional passengers. So after all that, I had to walk right back down the street to the house, where I got into my tights and under my blanket and went off to dreamland.

The tube strike starts tomorrow, but I have promised to go out and have some drinks with my Soybean, so pray for me, kids. Slow ass transportation in the rain? Not a good combo.


  1. Found you via SITS and the infamous Hippo Group. Not a good image, that hippo thing? I agree totally. I have been to London once. I would love to spend a few weeks in that area. Be blessed! Even in the rain.

  2. Lauren - so nice to be connected with you through our SITS group. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your perspective coming from the Caribbean. I certainly love my life here.

    I look forward to connecting with you soon!

    - Lauren


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