Luxurious Living

lux·u·ry  [luhk-shuh-ree, luhg-zhuh-]
noun, plural -ries, adjective


1. a material object, service, etc., conducive to sumptuous living, usually a delicacy, elegance, or refinement of living rather than a necessity: Gold cufflinks were a luxury not allowed for in his budget.

2. free or habitual indulgence in or enjoyment of comforts and pleasures in addition to those necessary for a reasonable standard of well-being:
Luxury. Being able to come home early - no library, no assignment - sit in the recliner, laptop on social networking sites, and not on academic studyspace; tv on Law and Order, for the first time in weeks; dinner on the mind, and a glass of wine on the desk, without any fear of getting too sleepy to work until the wee hours of the morning.
This will not last. I have assignments around each and every corner for the next couple months, but I am taking two days official down time. I cannot function at a non-stop pace. It is not normal. One needs to take little breaks and enjoy little pleasures like Law and Order, triple chocolate muffins, a couple glasses of pinot grigio, and being able to sleep in past 8 in the morning.
It's also being able to finally keep your date, which has been postponed every Saturday for the past 3 weeks. Tomorrow, we go out for Indian food. I do not have such a good track record with British curry but he insists this is great stuff and to be fair, British Airways curry cannot be on any "Must Have" UK tourism list. I am excited to actually go out and have a life tomorrow. This is insane.
Oh, and the Rum Festival yesterday was a lot of fun. Somewhat disappointing that the rum reps were all British, except for a couple Trinis at the Angostura booth (thank peeps!!) but the rum drinkers were Caribbean though (shocker!) and  it was great fun, not to mention great rum. I sampled a lot of great rums, most of which I had had before, but note to everyone out there - don't do cachaça shots. Cachaça is best when in caipirinhas. I was a bit tipsy at the end of the night but happier - essay was done, life was nice.
Not feeling so well today so the luxury is well needed. A bit tired, a bit achey, a bit lot cold. The weather is really doing its worst now. Got a snuggly soft nightdress for the cold evenings, to go with my fluffy slippers and socks. Gonna put some pasta on the stove and enjoy a night of total nothingness. Total bliss.


  1. Sounds lovely! It's a wonderful feeling to get deadlines completed and behind you.

  2. I read your guest post as well You have a great writing style!

  3. That sounds like my kind of luxury! I'm glad I'm not the only one completely into Law & Order! Haha. My perfect lazy day is spent in the recliner watching a Law & Order: SVU marathon on TV.

  4. Thank you mpmi.

    Lis...I am a HUGE Stabler and Benson fan. I dunno if there is an episode I have not seen. lol. Used to love the USA marathons.

  5. Your idea of luxury is right in line with mine these days :) I'm glad I found you today (via SITS blog forum)~I'm also a single blogger and it's nice to visit a non-mommy blogger (though I love the mommy bloggers, too!).

    As they say: the grass is always greener. But lately, I find myself thoroughly enjoying some of the understated things in life: the ability to control watch what I want to watch on TV when I want to watch it, the freedom to go out on a Wednesday night for cocktails with my girlfriends without having to check in with a significant other about my plans, and the calm in my apartment after a long day in the office. And the flirting with random strangers is quite nice, too ;)

    Great blog you have here--I am now following!

  6. Flirting is nice. Londoners are tough nuts to crack though. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  7. I always love have a free evening to spend as I please without having anywhere to be or anything I should be doing. Heaven.

  8. LOVED this post - you areSO right - take a day for yourself - it IS luxurious! Loved the sheets in the pix, too!


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