Baby Love

While I sit alone with Messrs Carter and Lee (textbook authors), life is happening back at home. My BFF sent me an email bringing me back to reality. Amazing how you forget things like pregnancy and due dates when your life is being consumed by reading and classes. I cannot believe I forgot her due date (I hate to admit, but I even for the briefest of moments, forgot she was even pregnant) and by this time tomorrow I should have photos of her new baby. I feel almost ashamed for forgetting but I know she will forgive me.

And my nephew is getting big and presumptuous. I have sworn my brother to send me photos regularly so I can keep up with the little man. I also do the occasional skype session with him, where he cries and gets all divo on  me. He is a true celebrity - really hams it up for the camera. Mummy says he is trying to crawl already and I don't doubt it. He is clearly an overachiever.

I am missing these baby moments. However, I am nursing my own baby at the moment - this 3500 word essay I need to produce from the deepest darkest depths of my grey matter, within a week. Outstanding.

I took the long way home tonight because the regular way just involves way too much damn walking - up stairs, round corners, down stairs, up ramps. God. It saps the energy right out of you. So I took a more convoluted way, which meant I got home a little bit later, but less annoyed and more energised to read.

It's also amazing what a real breakfast can do for one's day. I had a late start to school today so I had the rare luxury of time, and the luxury of toasted English muffins with cheddar, sausages, coffee - in a real mug, and not a Caffe Nero cup and orange juice. All made by me in my warm kitchen, I might add. The day was brilliant after that (except for missing my train and then of course missing my connecting train and beating it to the bus to avoid being late for a 4 hr class, where being late means meeting a locked door after travelling all that distance). Sorry it could not last. Back to the oat bar and water on the train in the morning.

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  1. Isn't Skype an amazing invention? I don't know what I'd do without it!


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