Bloggy break

I wish I had something hot and exciting to report but until I am done with this week and the macabre assignments I have to complete, I am just another crotchety old spinster with no life.

I saw the black Snooki on the train today. This girl had a Snooki poof touching the sky, with all her weave tracks showing in the back of her head. The mascara was clumpy on the false eyelashes and there was a run in her stocking. Ah yes...London fashion.

I am beyond tired and the week has just begun. I have been a slave to the school stuff. Really looking forward to the weekend. The rum festival is this weekend and I provided I finish my assignment by the end of Friday, I may actually be able to keep my date this Saturday, and somehow be privy to a social life this weekend. I keep seeing photos from other uni friends in other faculties and wondering how? why? when? I am stuck indoors on this gorgeous London day - where it is actually warm, big white clouds in a very blue sky - the last of the good weather before the predicted 9 degree temps next week. It's just not right.

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