The Week That Was

London's National Gallery
Well, I guess I can give a recap of the week that has been here in London, in my world.

With it being a bank holiday weekend here last weekend, there were a lot of things happening in London - as usual. Though I am still officially a student, without formal classes to attend, every weekend is like a bank holiday weekend for me, but I digress. I decided beforehand that I would go to the Busspepper Eighth Anniversary Party on Sunday, where the week began. Usually a good lime, this one was disastrous. The venue was in my opinion a poor choice for such an event and there were just way too many people crammed into a small space, making it too hot, too stifling. I did not enjoy it as much as I had hoped, but then I was also distracted by news from home.

When I opened my eyes on Monday afternoon, there was a full-on barbecue in the backyard, with people and everything. Too tired and annoyed to participate, I did some research for my dissertation and spent the rest of the evening, night and next morning (no sleep inserted here) doing letters/emails to prospective respondents and making appointments. I managed to get 4 quick confirmations but the water seems to have run dry and I am following up on the laggards today. I just want to reiterate that this dissertation is the nightmare of my life!

On Wednesday I managed to scrape myself off the bed and go to campus for a workshop guessed it...dissertation research. Fun.

Thursday was much more pleasant as I decided to enjoy the brilliant sunshine and venture into parts unknown, namely Hammersmith. Beautiful area. Very green and vibrant, yet not claustrophobic. There was a lovely market on as well and even better, a burrito giveaway at the new location of Tortilla. I had never heard of the chain but I saw about 50 or so people in a queue and I asked what was going on. Well, needless to say - student +no money + free lunch = me standing in line, talking to a lovely Aussie lady about vacations, while waiting to get to the counter to order my unexpected lunch.

I  had some school-related tasks to complete (snore) but once they were done, I then ventured back to Trafalgar Square, where I sat in the sun with tourists, had my free burrito and gaped for a while before spending the next few hours in National Gallery - fave place ever! I took a walk back down Waterloo Bridge where I was so sorry I had left my camera at home, cause the view off the bridge on a clear sunny day is breath-taking. When it's sunny in London, it's beautiful - just beautiful.

Beckenham Park,
Photo credit: Wells Consultants
On Friday, I journeyed to Beckenham this time - another area I had never been to and beautiful beautiful beautiful. Very posh, but very green and woody. My "date" gave me a great director's cut version of the Beckenham tour before we settled in for drinks and dinner. It was such a nice evening that I lost track of time and ended up having to face my worst nightmare - the dreaded night bus - to get home.

Saturday afternoon, I met up with my girlfriend, Nic, for lunch and drinks (and gaping) at Las Iguanas, followed by more drinks at Be@1 - where as usual, the oddballs of London seem to turn up. Again, no camera, but I shared a drink with Woody Woodpecker, Bugs Bunny, a female cow, a dragon, a fairy, a pink bride and a ghoul. I kid you not. Drinking in London is unlike anything I have ever experienced. lol.
Sunday, I was exhausted really but still managed to go to Blackheath for lunch at Locale, where I had the best scallops and a wonderful main course of gnocchi with king prawns. The weather by now was back to normal, i.e. rainy, but the company was great and the food was better - not to mention the 3 glasses of pinot grigio. At the table next to us was a party which included two Guyanese women, so of course I had to strike up a conversation cause that is how I am - farse and chatty.

Rafael Nadal ended a great week with some scintillating tennis, which I watched over another glass of wine, and here I am - back with the research and stress. It's really dreary today and I am so tired (I could barely type this as you can tell) so I think the rest of today will be spent in bed with the disso...hopefully with the disso.


  1. Beckenham Park looks simply gorgeous! Nice weekend :)

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend!! I hope your dissertation research is going better after taking that workshop. Have a great week :D


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