Summer hits the least for a day

Summer means watersports...even in the UK!
Summer finally came home. Even though I recognise it may be a very short visit, I really aim to maximise each sunny day for fear I may not see another one. It has been a great weekend. I am totally knackered this morning. From drinks on Friday evening with the Swiss, to drinks on Saturday afternoon and some very amusing French people, to drinks on Sunday with a Brit...hmmm...sensing a trend here. Cosmopolitan, I am! lol.

In any event, when the sun is out, happy people play! Yesterday, with the weather being absolutely gorgeous I decided to take a day trip to the seaside town of Brighton. The adventure began with just getting off the bed since I really lived up to the term "Happy Hour" at my bar. The warm shower picked me up and off I was to meet my friend and catch my train. It seemed like everyone had the same idea because not only were there picnic baskets, rugs, swimsuits and suntan lotion at every turn, but the train was crammed past capacity. People were standing, rear ends were squooshed against my face (I was lucky to get a seat) and the air con had to be ramped up to high to keep an already grumpy crowd happy.

So we get to Brighton and I need to use the loo and bravely made my way to the Brighton train station loo. Clean yes, but I was not ready for the naked girls in the middle of the room. I mean seriously, could you not have worn your bikini under your clothes instead of stripping to nothing in the middle of the bathroom in full view of unsuspecting patrons? There I am trying to fix my lipgloss and these two girls are in the reflection, stark naked and chatting as though they were in a bar - totally non-plussed.

But the day was splendid. Started off a little shaky though. I mean, THIS was not what I had signed up for!

Mist mist and more mist.

The weather forecast did predict mist until around 1pm, so we decided to visit the Royal Pavilion first. The skies had gone from grey to blue by the time we got there.

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton, East Sussex

The people were out in their numbers. Fat people, thin people, old, young, white, black, gay, straight - everyone loves a summer day. A real summer day!

The people came out in their thousands to enjoy the sun in Brighton
And I love drinks. We had some wine and people watched and I worked on my tan. lol. And I did in fact come home with a slight tan. Can you believe it? Not that black people tan, cause we do, but that I could tan in England?? The shock!

Vino! Really nice rose for a warm Sunday in Brighton

Great view from the Pier. Lovely day in the end.

The view from off Brighton Pier - so beautiful I almost cried. I missed summer!
We ended a great day with dinner on the warm terrace of ASK in Brighton, where I prayed seagulls would not attack me for my Ravioli di Marittimo. Perfect end to a really fun the sun! This Trini loves sun you know.

I did not need to sleep in layers and layers of clothes last night. Bliss. I am just totally knackered but today is sunny for a little while so may take the bus to somewhere. If I can pull myself off the bed.


  1. Beautiful pics! Glad we've had weather that you can finally enjoy :)

  2. I went to Brighton last year for a long weekend during the 2nd May Bank Holiday and I LOVED IT. The Pavilion is amazing and the architecture is so beautiful. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  3. It looks & sounds like you had a fabulous time! I love the pictures.


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