Danger: A Trip Into Trininista's Handbag.

Today I asked my Facebook friends - what's in your handbag?

I then decided that Pablo and I would show you what was in my handbag! It was a long journey. lol.


  1. Chick - did you put on jewellery just for this vlog or do you usually wear those bracelets and rings? I loved that you vlogged - you're so brave - and you let me hear a trini accent today. You just made my day with that :) Thanks!

  2. LOL. No. I had gone out earlier in the day so was dressed. Don't forget I am fabulous so when I am out, I am ON. lol. I only changed into my sweats but did not yet take off my jewellery. It's pretty standard though - I love great pieces. Those rings are daily pieces - but I have others that go with certain events/looks. My watch - daily. I bought that silver bracelet recently and cannot get enough of it. But accessories are awesome!

    I don't mind vlogging but the publicity of my good looks is yet a challenge.


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