Medieval TV Pleasure: Game of Thrones

Sean Bean is...was Lord Eddard Stark
in HBO's Game of Thrones
I don't watch a whole lot of television here in London mainly because I previously did not have time for tv and I try not to get too involved in too many shows for fear of being tied to a television all day and all night. The must-see shows of my life are really Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

I will now unabashedly add HBO's Game of Thrones to the list. I have been hooked for a while now, but after watching last night's episode, I just thought I would openly say - I am a believer. I have not read the books yet but HBO has done an amazing job roping me in every week. It is probably the only show that grips you every single week, with each episode having the drama and suspense of a season finale.

It also does not hurt that besides fantastic performances from every single member of the cast, the man candy in this series is STELLAR. I mean, that Stark family alone has some great genetic blessings. I love Sean Bean - always have, always will - so last night's episode was rough on the tear ducts. As an aside, to the whiners who are claiming they will not watch another episode because of last night's "shocking" twist - get over yourselves. I have not read the books just yet, but I am always happy when the cinematic version sticks as close to the book as possible. Sean Bean is awesome, yes, but please - get a life. Seriously. It's amazing what some people would get their knickers in a knot for. If they put half of that energy into..I dunno...looking after the world's sick and destitute, then the world would be a great place. God! I mean, it's tv!!

Anyway - man candy. The Stark kids also have it going on, notably of course, Robb Stark and his "bastard" brother, Jon Snow.

The Stark men - Jon Snow, Bran Stark and Rob Stark in HBO's Game of Thrones

While not on the same level or in the same stratosphere as Game of Thrones, I am also loving Camelot. I mean, Joe Fiennes is in it. Duh. Even as a bald sorcerer, he is the cat's meow.

Joseph Fiennes as Merlin in Starz's Camelot
Eva Green is exceptional though as Morgan le Fay, and is beautiful yet deceptive and dangerous.

Eva Green as Morgan le Fay in Starz's Camelot
The casting of Arthur, in my opinion, was a tremendous and epic fail. The dude grates on my nerves, but hopefully he may prove me wrong in upcoming episodes.

In any event, this needed to be said. Back to our regular programming. I cannot wait for the real season finale this Sunday. Oh...the suspense, HBO. God damn you!


  1. I'm sorry - I still am in love with the Stark one can compare - especially Jon Snow! Seeeexxyy.
    I wish they'd done a bit of a better job on the women in this series though...!

  2. Yeah. Even Bran you can tell will be melting some Seven Kingdoms hearts real soon. I hate to say it as well but Jaime Lannister is on as well. Even the imp has a certain charm - I love him. He has real spunk. The women I don't mind actually. Sansa kinda annoying but I think she is meant to be. Cersei is perfect. I think the women are okay. The show is just AWESOME.

  3. Okay, now I really want to watch this and I just un-signed up for HBO. BLAST! Currently considering which friend's tv I'll mooch off of :)

  4. Find a friend, girl. The show is really special!

  5. I must add Game of Thrones to my Netflix queue list. Everyone tells me it's fantastic. And holy hotness with that pic of Joe Fiennes! YUMM!

  6. Joe Fiennes as Merlin had me coming back again and again to a genre that I usually don't care much about- but man, that guy is SEXY. LOVE the shaved head.


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