Wedding Minx or Wedding Jinx?

Is it bad luck to try on wedding dresses as a single, "no man in sight" woman? Or to go ring shopping?
Is it bad luck to not wear white for your wedding?

Growing up, if my mother caught me wearing a ring on my (engagement/wedding) ring finger, I would be reminded that it was bad luck and I would never get married. Well, I am living proof for sure that the old wives' tale is true! lol.

That being said, I think I have crossed the jinx line years ago and so, maybe trying on wedding dresses for fun would not do much more damage to my already tainted and irreparable nuptial fortune.

Weddings and brides and couples and rings and dresses were all around me today for some reason. I took that as a sign to say my piece on the whole thing. I think I am way past the age of the virginal white frock and I already know what I want - IF this grand occasion ever takes place. Colour. It's all about colour. I won't go as wild as a totally non-white dress. In my world of traditional women, this will definitely not go over well, especially with the maternal unit. However, something like this like this, will be perfect.

Photo credit: David's Bridal

I have liked this style for a while now - the shade of blue may change but I defo want blue in there.

And of course you need the ring to match. I love sites like  thatallow you to design your own rings. I could spend all day doing this stuff! All day!! I just love bling! And bling loves me!

Sensing a blue trend here? It's my favourite colour.

And then there is the case of the black wedding dress.

Photo credit: Crystal Clear Imagery
Source: Style Me Pretty

This bride (above) chose an exquisite black dress to say her vows to the man she loves and I can already see older women around the world making the sign of the cross in absolute horror, but I don't know - I think she pulled it off. Maybe it would not work for everyone and I would not wear a black dress, and not just because my mother and aunts would bathe me in holy water if I did, but because it is not to my taste for my wedding. But I think she looks lovely.

So...would you wear black to your wedding? And do you think it is safe for me to grab a girlfriend, make up a wedding date, slip a ring on my finger, and go squeeze my booty into some lovely frothy wedding numbers for kicks?

Why not! I think it's a great girly day out. What have I got to lose? Well, according to some women and to old wives' tales - EVERYTHING!!!


  1. As you rightly said, the ring and the dress will undoubtedly go through hundreds of revisions but tonight, after 5 mins of idling, this is what I came up with. lol.

  2. White & Blue go well together. I chose a decent beige for my wedding dress, I thought being 30 I am beyond the virginal white :)


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