Letting Go

I was really touched by the strength and faith of my friend this past week. It has not been an easy one for her, and there were the days when she, like anyone else would, felt her strength failing. To lose someone so close to you in such a manner is debilitating and would be for anyone. Yet, when I spoke to her and to the other girls, I recognised that she had a strength and a fabulousness that perhaps we had taken for granted.
To read the article in the Guardian today - a report on the funeral - and the family's call for peace, not vengeance, and their ability to forgive, is so powerful. How many times have you been wronged by someone - a boss, a friend, a boyfriend - and held on to that resentment, watering it with time? Thinking on how things so small can become such powerful vessels of hate and negativity, and comparing it to something like this, which far outweighs any devious act by a supervisor or a cheating boyfriend, makes one wonder, why couldn't I let it go?

As I have gotten older, I have learnt to let things go. Whether I would be willing to let something like this go is something I never want to have tested. But my belief is God will judge. My belief is justice takes place in its own time, one way or another. Resentment is a tie that binds you forever to that person. You are more likely to be joined to the hip emotionally and spiritually to your accused when you keep resentment alive. Freedom comes from letting go. Still, it cannot be easy and now the healing begins.

I am grateful to have such awesome people in my life


  1. I saw your comment over at Branson's My Reflection of Something blog regarding the fact that you love photography but don't think you're very good at it. I just had to comment back. There was a point I felt the exact same way but it didn't stop me from taking pictures because it was something I truly loved. As time went on and I visited other photographer's blogs, read many how-tos of photography, my photography started to improve. I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn but with photography it's a never ending learning process. Any real photographer will tell you that. Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you that if you really love photography, don't put down put down the camera. Learn everything you can from other photogs around you. You will be surprised, after looking back over a year, how far you have come. Best wishes.

  2. This is such a great post!! Keep up your strength :D

  3. Letting go is a concept I've been thinking about a lot in the past few days.I don't know how you let go of a tragedy of this magnitude, but it's not good to hold onto things. It inhibits our ability to live our lives.


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