Beating the Funk

I have been in a funk the past few days - a funk I have been unable to shake. I think between this dissertation, this shitty weather (thanks for summer, London!), and other miscellaneous stuff, I am just a bit tired emotionally. Sitting in an office, making tedious and mind numbing RSVP calls to people who clearly did not want to attend the event in question, for the better part of my afternoon, did not help to put any spunk in my step either. I have also had to tolerate the rudeness of people here via phone, email and in person all week. I don't do well with rudeness - not well at all and I often really have to take a moment, or two (or 50!) to compose myself before responding to or interacting with people who have no manners or who do not understand common courtesy.

Yes. I am a bit stressed. I don't like the word "depressed" cause there are people out there with REAL problems. I am a bit stressed for sure, and maybe a bit bored. Uninspired. Not even these little babies could cheer me up, which spells big trouble. I only had one, which is a major first!

Chocolate covered mini doughnuts. They are literally bite-sized!
Still, the weekend should be promising, once the weather changes. Taste of London starts tomorrow and I will be attending the Saturday sessions with my girlfriend. I love culinary festivals - just anything involving food really. I love great food and I appreciate people who take time to really prepare something awesome, creative and divine. And socialising with food as the nucleus is just a great time!

Some of London's top chefs will be on hand at Taste of London
Photo credit: Taste of London
The demonstrations and masterclasses will hopefully be exciting, the food should be fantastic (!) and most importantly, once God grants me sun, which usually perks up my mood, it will be a fabulous opportunity to pick myself out of the funk and look cute! No...fabulous!

As an aside, I noticed under the list of exhibitors, under "T" (cause you know I went looking after I saw Barbados and Jamaica), there was indeed Trinidad and Tobago! But just that - Trinidad and Tobago. So I have no idea if it is the Tourism Development Company, the Ministry, a company. Please...I don't want the suspense to kill me.


  1. Hey! I went looking when you said you didn't know who FB post:
    "Duane Dove will be attending this year's Taste of London at Regents Park together with the Trinidad & Tobago Tourist Board on the 16th and the 17th June. Duane will be doing Rum and Chocolate tastings using his exclusive Single Estate Chocolates from his cocoa estate in Tobago and pairing with premium rums from Trinidad & Tobago.
    Meet Duane on stand CA1,12pm, 4pm, 5.30pm, 9.30pm"

    I got it here:

    Have fun at the festival!

  2. Kai! You are an absolute star, girl! Now I am excited. I have heard so much about this boss chocolate. Look at mamaguy on Saturday. I will take photos just for you. Thanks a lot.


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