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There are the cute blue heels that are my avatar.
I am really tickled to be one of the Editor's Picks on today. I mean, there is no red carpet, no flash bulbs, no prize money (the worst, but it's cute. So yaay me.

It's pretty amusing to realise 1). how many people actually read my nonsense, 2). how many people actually enjoy reading my nonsense and 3). how much I enjoy writing my nonsense. It is the one part of my day that is not frustrating, and is completely mine.

So thanks to everybody who ensures it is not a solitary experience.

Sephora, Florence, Italy - I had a time in here
Almost every day I get my email from Sephora, torturing me with the specials and sales, and I ask again, Why isn't there a Sephora in London? I mean, y'all taking this Britishness thing too damn far, man. I cannot get NZ cheese. I cannot get American Cheerios (I don't like the Cheerios here - half sweet, half plain, in one box. Gimme 100% PLAIN Cheerios!!! OMG!). And now I cannot get Sephora? Every trip to Miami, the PT and I must hit up Sephora. New York - Sephora. I made it a point to visit Sephora in both Paris and Florence cause it is just one of my favourite shops ever. London - great capital, home of the queen. Why? Why?

Maybe it is for the best since I can barely afford food, and have to resort to getting excited in Boots. Needless to say, I needed a toner and bought one from Boots - a Boots brand and I selected it after reading the reviews, because let's face it, if I was going to buy a toner for under £2, I wanted to make sure it was not going to set my face on fire or burn off my eyebrows. Really one cannot go wrong with witch hazel and tea tree oil.  I had never had a toner that was a blend of both and never used a cheap toner either, but kudos to Boots for this godsend product. Easy on the skin and easy on the pocket. It is as good as a toner can get. Take the free plug, Boots.

A winning beauty combination, ladies. On a budget!
Of course I also got my Mudd facial mask and it really does give a boost of beauty confidence. How I survived this long with just soap and water, and my L'Oreal scrubby wubby is a miracle. I am now leaving it for "special" occasions, which means I may never use it again. Kidding kidding.

Still, Boots is no Sephora. Let's just keep it real now. I am glad I had the presence of mind to pack at least 6 months' supply, though it might really be 8, of cosmetics for black, tropical skin, or I would be a hot, nashy mess. It was a funny story at lunch on Sunday, about a black girl who was using a brand that shall remain nameless, bought here in London, and thought she was swanky, until she went back home to her black friends, and everyone asked her what on earth she was using to be looking so grey. lol. The darkest products here were clearly not dark enough for her but funny that noone thought it would be nice to tell her this. I guess they thought her face was grey? lol. Thank God for Pennywise - the Trini Boots - and my stocks. Looking grey is not an option. Funny that there are so many black people here and still a dearth in GOOD black beauty supplies (emphasis on "good"). Hmmm.

I'm working on my second assignment. As I said before, blogging is the only time I am not frustrated or vexed. lol


  1. A very interesting post. It does tickle me at certain points of your post, I mean the way you described it...interesting and make me laugh.

    Congrats to you for being featured blogger of the day! :)

  2. Having already congratulated you on being featured as editor's pick - oh worthy one! I wanted to ask you if you'd tried I read about Mac products a while ago and maybe they would be ideal for you. As for Boots well, they have some fairly good products but you do have to hunt around a bit to choose the best ones for you don't you? I'm going to get a Mudd pack when I next go. My skin is dreadful due to all the cold weather and blasted cold walks I have been forced to make by my new personal trainer (Hubby).
    See there are lots of people who read and love your blog - I knew it :)
    Good luck with the assigment/work...blogging is much more fun though.

  3. ps I've just checked out where Mac cosmetics are sold in London and you can get them in Selfridges 400 Oxford Street W1A 1AB or at their stores at 38 Neal Street, Covent Garden WC2H 9PS 28 Fouberts Place W1F 7PR, Harrods (!) or MAC 28a Kensigton Church Street W8 4EP . Hope that helps. as for Sephora...I use the one in Paris!

  4. LAWS and more LAWS - England is like Canada we have very strict laws and testing for products b4 they can be sold to consumers - stick with MAC - LOL.

  5. disappoint me. Do a search for MAC on my blog and see what you get. lol. Trust me. I have no MAC issues.

  6. Oh bugger! I really should have known that shouldn't I? I feel very dim now. Oh well I'll have to think of more brilliant ways to impress you and be helpful :)


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