Hairy Nightmares

At least this puppy is cute enough to pull it off
- the dreaded combover
This photo was too funny not to share. The dreaded combover. I must say, I have not seen any combovers here in London. Yet. While a lot of British men are in various stages of hair loss, they have kept it respectable. Some have what's left of their tresses neatly trimmed. Other have the bald patch in the middle. Some just do away with the remnants and sport the Kojack look. But I have not seen a combover. Fantastic. They may not have the best teeth in the world, but at least they have hair sense. Most of them anyway.

My date a few weeks ago needed a follicle intervention for sure. He was holding on to his hair for dear life. I guess when it is going, you think you can compensate for the loss in different ways. In his case, he let it grow long. So it was long and stringy and to add insult to injury, it was packed with some type of hair product which made it look greasy and even more limp and disgusting. It took great willpower to not stare at his tragic head all evening. What made it worse he wore his "hair" with a centre part, which emphasised the hair loss and the grey hairs. The guy's head was a complete aesthetic disaster. Luckily for him, he was pleasant company but that was it.

My friend and I are going out for lunch this afternoon. He is as bald as a football. It could never work. lol. I love hair. Some men love women's feet or legs or ass. I love hair. Gotta have it, guys. All of it - from temple to the nape of the neck. Shallow, I am. I lost a lot of interest in Wills when he started down the bald path. He was such a gorgeous young man. Such a tragedy.

William - Hair Today, None Tomorrow
But at least it's not a combover. And at least it's not hair plugs or worse - a hairpiece. Or the spray on shit I see becoming popular. And then ladies wear extensions, wigs and weaves so we cannot beat up on the guys too much. At least they keep it real!


  1. I like hair, too. I can't stand comb-overs either. I mean really, who are thy trying to fool? And hairplugs? Don't get me started.

  2. I was sad to note that my beloved 22year old very good looking son is losing his thick curly dark hair far too quickly. I hate combovers. Lucky for me I'm married to a silver fox :)

  3. Ladies, it always hurts me when it's a real stunner losing his hair. But I prefer a man shave his head and preserve his dignity than a combover. 100%.


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