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Ah yes. Another day. It was sunny the past couple days but lucky me, I woke up and headed to class amidst grey and rain. So a friend asked me if I had been getting any exercise since being here since as most of my early entries on this blog were all about fitness and gym adventures and my daily efforts at the sweat shop to stall frumpiness and keep my awesome ass in shape. Well, while I do not have a gym membership here, this was my answer to her.

My day, when I have a 9am class, goes something like this:

  • 5.15 - wake up...hustle a 'fresh. (take a quick shower)
  • 6.30 - leave the house to catch the 6.34 bus. It is a 7-8 min walk. lol. It becomes a near sprint.
  • 6.36 - see the 6.34 bus driving by...I cuss the driver even though it is my fault
  • 6.37 - run my ass like Usain to catch the bus behind it...thank him kindly for waiting
  • 6.45:57 - run like ass from the bus stop to the train station to catch the 6.47 train...breathless. I usually miss this train by the way, so my running is usually for nothing, so I have lately, just stopped running
  • 6.56 - run like ass up the stairs and up the ramp and down the stairs again, to catch my second train
  • 7.09 - speed walk up the ramp then speed walk maybe another 1500m , then run like ass either down the escalator or the stairs, and then run like ass the last 200m to catch the last train for the morning
  • 7.34 - get to my university town...go to Tesco for water or whatever
  • 7.36 - see the bus turning the like ass to catch it or risk standing in the cold for a next 15 mins
  • 7.something - walk to class

Exercise. What's that? lol. It may not be as effective as my 2 hour workouts at the gym but they keep the  hips from spreading to massive proportions and that ramp walk at Waterloo really works the glutes. lol.

God..this is nasty! Stop!
In other travel news and in keeping with my V-Day trend until Monday, I am all for love and people being in love and wanting to show their partner they love them and all, but do all that at home. I was unfortunate enough to have to sit behind a most nauseating Middle Eastern couple who kissed all the way to our final destination. Maybe they were not Muslim, but if they were, they were showing the world they could PDA with the rest of us. It was full blown lovin'. Not just little love bites, but amateur smacking - *smack smack spit smack*. It was really disgusting. What was worse was the fact that the train was full and I had nowhere else to go, so I sat there and suffered in silence. I mean, I always believe that when people behave in this manner in public it has to be one of a few things

1. As Trinis would say, they "never-see-come-see" or "never-expect" which basically means, it's like they never had a man or a woman and never expected to have one, so when they get one, the world has to know. Buddy, the chick ain't all that...keep that on the down-low.

2. It's not YOUR man or woman. It's someone's wife or husband you be smackin' on. I remember taking a taxi as a 16 yr old and in my school uniform and a couple in the backseat with me could not be bothered that a young, impressionable person, in her school uniform no less was next to them - they kissed it up the entire way. My innocence - tarnished forever especially as I later found out the woman was married...not to Casanova in the car but to another poor sucker.

3. You live with your mama and have nowhere else to take your woman to snog it up. Well, hotels can work too. Not the train. Please.

PDAs are not cool. They can be, if done tastefully, and you may even get an "awwwww" from me, but not when it's a slobbering, greedy, desperate mess. Spare us. Spare me. Please.


  1. Ugh, yea... I totally agree about the kissing in public thing. Which isn't to say that I haven't done this a few times myself but I at least try to keep it to a back alley and I'm pretty discreet. Not like, on a crowded train in the morning. That would bug the crap out of me.

    Wow, that is some a.m. commute--sounds uber stressful but at least you are definitely getting some exercise in!

  2. Well I am completely with you on getting exercise running behind public transport...I almost break mih tail a day last week when I hit a patch of black ice...I tell you it was truly the hand of God that I didn't fall down and break far as PDA's girl I sick of it...I work near to what can only be named Hispanic Harlem and all them little overripe Latin chicks and their little half idiot boys making out in some nasty and disgusting ways in the train and on the platform...steups...I can't stand it...cute pecks goodbyes at the airport etc put not the all out tonsil swab that these ppl does be carrying on with

  3. That sounds like quite the exercise regimen!

    I used to see a LOT of PDA all the time when I was younger. I don't know if people don't do it so much anymore or if I just don't notice it.


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