Singing in the Rain

Matthew Bellamy, lead singer of one of my
fave bands ever, Muse
After drinking way too much wine last night, I slept like a stone. I slept too well in fact. I even had dreams. I dreamt I was having a duet with Matt Bellamy. We were singing Butterflies and Hurricanes. It was a great dream. He may be skinny and nashy looking, but I love his voice and I am quite distraught that he is with Kate Hudson - singing all our songs to her! But anyway...I listened to Muse on my MP3 player for the rest of the morning.

But it's all my soul's way of saying I need to have a good rattle in the shower or somewhere. The best...literally the BEST part of my day used to be driving to and from work. Not that I enjoyed waking up at 3am and driving to work at 5am to beat rush hour traffic, or sitting in 2 hours worth of vehicular congestion after work every afternoon. Nope. It was the best part of my day because, locked in my car, with my windows up, my a/c on and my CD player whirring, I would sing my heart out on the entire journey. I remember a co-worker coming to work one day and saying he saw me on the highway, in my car, with the biggest smile on my face, while everyone else looked vexed and sour in the traffic. Why? I was with my tunes.

I really miss that. Can't really sing my heart out on the train. Not even in the shower. These chicken coops they call houses, man. It reminds me of my parents' house before we moved into the "mansion". The houses were all so close together, you could hear the neighbour when he brushed his teeth or flushed the toilet. So to an 8 year old girl, moving to this big, new house that my parents had built just for us, with all this space and at least 200m between neighbours - now you know why 8-yr old me called it the mansion. But I would not even try to sing in the shower here. I do actually hear the toilets when they flush on one side of me. Not to mention, this is a neighbourhood, where the neighbour comes over every couple of months to apologise for the dog barking. The dog, as you know by now is my favourite of all the beings on the street, and is so cute. How could anyone hate a face like that? Besides, dogs bark.  Why apologise? It's not as if he barks all night. This dude was so sincere and so sorry for the dog barking that I knew then and there I was never going to enjoy a shower again because I could not sing as I would like. Believe me, I would not be knocking on people's doors to apologise for my singing. Besides that, my showers are pretty early especially when I have a 9am class, so yeah...a barking dog would be the least of the neighbours' worries. Repressed. That is how I feel. Repressed.

But I miss it. I tried singing at the train station, but the guy next to me looked at me like I was on drugs. But then Londoners look at you like that even when you say "good morning". Odd people they are.

Sharing my Matt love...he's best when he's live. I hope Muse will have a concert here while I am still here. Kate is a lucky gal. See don't need to be hot looking. You just need to be a rock star to get the pretty girls.


  1. I love Muse too! I have never had a dream with Matt so he is still yours in that part of the world. I do however share your love of car rides. I too sing my heart out in the car everytime I go driving somewhere. People look at me funny too here, a smile on my face and me dancing in my seat. It's a blast! Train singing is looked down upon too. I live near NYC so I take the train every once in a while and people do look at you extremely funny! Keep the tunes blaring :D

  2. I'm a big Muse son converted me years ago. I'm going to put my mp3 player on now and listen to 'Feeling Good'.
    Thank you for the 'hug' and for visiting. Don't worry I won't write anymore sad stories. It is supposed to be a humorous blog after all!
    You should live next door to could join in the singing in the morning. Today we were doing Phil Collins' 'You can't Hurry Love' with actions!
    Hope this comment has cheered you back up again.
    Maybe if you learned all the lyrics to 'Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner' or 'My old man said follow that van' the people at the bus stop would join in! :)
    Happy thoughts and songs from the Midlands.


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