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It's World Nutella Day today. I have not seen any Nutella mascots in the streets nor was I given any free Nutella when I went to the store this morning. There was a Nutella discount but I did not patronise. I have never had Nutella actually. I love chocolate but never picked up a jar of this stuff. For good reason. I cannot say no to chocolate stuff. My running comment is that I am so brown because I eat so much chocolate. It's true. The Scarlet Ibis, which is our national bird back home in Trinidad, is not born red. They turn red over the course of their lives, from eating the red crabs in the swamp. So my complexion...gotta be the chocolate. lol.

And to prove my point about my love for chocolate - I bought these yesterday, simply because they were chocolate covered.

Thanks to Tesco for these little gems.

They were delicious. There were 20 in the box - all bite-sized, so don't think I ate 9 regular sized doughnuts in one afternoon. lol. An hour ago, there were 3 left. Now, there are none. I know. I am a pig. A sick pig.

My cup is multi-purpose!
Soup, cereal, name it!
I also have some leftover Haagen Dazs Belgian Chocolate ice cream in the freezer. It was on sale in Budgen's when I went to get water  on Sunday (ahem...conspiracy). Half price. I could not just leave it there. Alone. In the Budgens freezer when it could get all warm in my tummy.

So no...Nutella would be overkill on the chocolate. But I wish all the Nutella lovers out there a very happy Nutella Day. There is a World Nutella Day website and loads of Nutella recipes from Nutella freaks around the world. This started off as a tongue-in-cheek ode to Nutella, but I realise some people really take their Nutella seriously. My God!

I was sooooo sick last night that I could not do any work on said assignment and fell asleep while waiting for drugs to work. I woke up over a dead laptop around 6 this morning and then watched Black Swan. I must say, it did not "wow" me. It was good, but it was not "wow". I did not have any real emotional response to it though I will admit Natalie Portman was excellent. My aim was to see 5 of the 10 nominated films for the Best Picture Oscar. I am now on 2, having watched The King's Speech earlier this week. That one made me bawl. That one was WOW. Colin Firth, the ever amazing and not often lauded Colin Firth was wow. So next up...127 Hours. James "Marry Me" Franco. I can't wait. But I need to finish this assignment first - an assignment I realised I was doing all wrong this morning. Still not feeling so hot, but tomorrow Liverpool play Chelsea and that is a BIG game with all the Torres drama and all the Torres haters wanting to see him flop etc. And on a regular Liverpool match day, this house is a nightmare. I have spied beers and chicken wings and peanuts and that can only mean one thing

The boys are all coming over to watch it. I will not be trying to do this assignment amidst the Reds and Blues melee.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Happy Nutella Day! I am honestly through with the stuff. It's good only in spurts!

    I love peanut butter, maybe that explains my complexion ;)

    Nice reading your movie reviews! I am very intrigued by the Black Swan. My attention span isn't high enough for movies anymore sigh..child induced

  2. I haven't had Nutella in ages, but I love it with a banana. Mmmm...

    I am DYING to see King's Speech and loved Natalie Portman in Black Swan. Definitely not a movie I'll see again, but I'm glad I had the chance to watch it. Thought it was excellent.

    And James Franco.... What a handsome man he is ;)

  3. See, this is what sucks about getting so far behind in blogging. HOW did I miss World Nutella Day??

    The King's Speech was a really amazing movie. I walked out of that theater feeling so uplifted and inspired. I haven't felt that way after a movie in ages.

    I'll be seeing 127 Hours tomorrow, I think.

    Still no intentions of seeing Black Swan. Ick.


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