127 Hours

James Franco (left) and Aron Ralston (right)
Two things stood out in my mind as I readied myself to watch 127 Hours this evening. First, if Aron Ralston could have survived cutting his own arm off, with a dull knife, then I could survive watching James Franco playing Aron Ralston cutting his own arm off. Second, the video where James' grandma said anyone who could not sit through the gritty scene was a p...y. lol. If granny could stand it, then so would I.

That is what I told myself after 24 minutes of 127 Hours, after the rock pinned James Franco's Aron inside the canyon. It was a wow. I enjoyed the movie. Unlike Castaway which was wrong on so many levels to me, the main one being the mere fact that I was forced to watch Tom Hanks and Tom Hanks alone for more than 100 minutes, 127 Hours was gripping. Gritty, gripping. I always love these survival movies - where the human being most go to extreme lengths to survive. Alive was one of those movies that I can watch over and over as well. You see a man drinking his own urine to survive and you wonder if you could do that if that were you. Chances are, you would. Aron Ralston is a brave man and it was a great story. Here  is one part of the segment the real Aron did with Tom Brokaw. This was how I first learnt about him - before the movie was made.

The movie was just right. It was not some campy, sappy ode to the American super hero, probably because it was directed by a Brit. It was a true to life tale, told in a very realistic way, by a great actor. Oscar nom - deserved.

Thank God I don't have to drink my pee today. I have a pinot gris in the fridge and I just celebrated the end of another assignment (which I finished at 8 this morning, without sleeping a wink til it was done - it felt like 127 hours, lemme tell ya) with the rest of the chocolate ice cream. Liverpool beat Chelsea, so there were many happy men in the house, and life is pretty alright on the whole. Not an American football fan, and not interested in the Super Bowl, but enjoy the party anyway, people.


  1. oh wow, I am not sure if I could watch that movie myself! wow- great review! though james franco is very nice to look at with 1 or two arms :D

    congrats on completing another assignment!! inspiring for sure :)

  2. Isn't he? He has the cutest smile. I have loved him forever. Hope you and those gorgeous kids are having a great weekend!

  3. I plan to see it tomorrow.

    I was living in Utah when this happened and it was huge news there, as you can imagine.

    I don't know how I'm going to handle the scene where he finally does the deed, but I really want to see the film. Especially after watching Tom Brokaw's interview with Aron Ralston just a few days ago.

  4. The scene itself was not too bad...you will survive it. Aron Ralston is also hella cute. Not as cute as Jimmy Franco but even with one good arm, I would so date him. Sadly he's married now. lol.


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