In the Real World, 5pm is usually Happy Hour

4.45pm. You're sitting chatting with your homie on Facebook - laughing, carefree, animated. Laughing over the Jeopardy video that has had you laughing all day (I have embedded it below)
4.52pm. Your eyes dart from your mobile phone, to the laptop clock, to the alarm clock on your nightstand, to the online alarm you set this morning.
4.55pm - You close the FB conversation so you can focus your attention 100% to the task at hand. Steely determination and focus!
4.57pm - 89 other hopefuls around London are glued to their laptops and library monitor screens, just waiting and praying
4.59 pm - You start clicking on the link in case your clocks are all frickin' slow.
5.00pm - You're still clicking until....there it is...the link that says SIGN UP NOW.

You click.
You're in.
You have signed up.
Success. Is. Yours.

Cartwheels and happy dance.

You have gotten your first choice of dissertation supervisor. lol.

Never in my entire frickin' life has something so un-fun been so damn exciting and somewhat nerve wracking. The above is a true story and not a joke. At 5pm, the entire Marketing class of 2010-2011 waited by their technology to sign up for the man or woman who would either make their postgraduate lives a relief or a nightmare. I can tell you my nightmare is just being here, in school, poor and un-divaesque. Adding a crappy supervisor to the ordeal was really NOT an option. I sat here in my silk PJs, praying to the broadband gods that BT did not pull an internet stunt today of all days. But I was most prepared to sprint up the street to the cyber cafe and rough up somebody's boy chile, body slam him to the ground and close down his porn videos, to get at one of the computers there to make this sign up thing happen.

Speed dialing has nothing on this dissertation sign up process. In less than maybe 8 seconds, the supervisor spaces were filled. Poor you if you did not get there in time. It's not the best system but I recall my undergrad dissertation process. Ummm...there was none. You were told, "Hey you worthless undergrad, this is your supervisor. Enjoy." Luckily for me, my supervisor was awesome. Having the opportunity to sign up for the person you think might suit your dissertation needs best is a privilege, lemme tell ya.

Now that this is over, I can get back to what I was doing before. I am done crying (see below) and done eating, and maybe I can start working.

By the way...what's a ho?


  1. I cannot believe it has got so technical...our professors were easy to locate. they were usually chatting up the students in the bar. If you bought them a beer they were your new best how times have changed.
    I just read your post below...I can't watch dog movies either. I wailed all through 'Marley and Me' and 'Homeward Bound'.
    Hope you get some brightness back in your life soon young the way can I find your happy dance and cartwheel on YouTube? lol
    (I thought you weeded a garden with a hoe or it's what Santa says at Christmas on finally getting down your chimney) XOXO

  2. thought it was a Ho too lol. I'm in college and although I will not have to go through these steps everything in college life is so intense.

  3. That video was hilarious!

    There are few things more irritating than a slow internet connection. But you got your first choice? That's great news!


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