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The Byodo-In Temple in Oahu, Hawaii - great place
The British Travel Awards (BTA) recently commissioned a study which shows that:
Nine out of ten Brits believe that a holiday is essential – despite the current economic constraints. According to a new survey, involving more than 27,000 participants, only nine percent of respondents said that a holiday is a luxury or claim that they do not take a holiday when money is tight (
No kidding. I am on the market for a holiday soon. Really soon. Between the never-ending assignments, with the now dreaded dissertation on my lap as well, the cold breeze that mocks me every morning when I open the door and just general irritability and frustration from the lack of a social life as a busy, hard working student, I am beside myself! I am about to run amok!

From the moment I started making my own money and did not have to answer to anyone, I discovered first, the travel agent, and then the airline website along with Tripadvisor. And even if it was a weekend trip to Barbados, a shopping "tief" weekend in Miami or wine tasting in Florence, my trips were partly out of wanderlust and a sense of adventure (or a need for new clothes), and partly to beat insanity. Love my island but when the four corners start closing in, you need to get away ever so often.

The four corners of my room are closing in. I swear, I think I know every speck of dust or lint intimately. I am happy with the rewards of all my hard work thus far. Great grades, success, blah blah. My long nights (like this one cause it is 6.13am and I am still awake) and sharing my bed with textbooks are clearly paying off. But I am also frazzled beyond comprehension. This cannot be healthy.

The money issues are real. It was cheaper to buy points from HiltonHonours than stay at a Hilton last year to avoid having all my loyalty points go down the toilet. Being a student is rough, but I need something. Anything. Soon. London is great. Fabulous. Exciting. But I need a change of scenery, if only for a weekend. me as I plan my escape!


  1. I just got back from a holiday as you call it. I wish I could have gone somewhere a bit more travel friendly but I had fun. I really hope you can escape soon, it seems you have been a bit stressed lately :D

  2. I've had a few days off here and there, but I need a real vacation. To go see something I haven't before. To lie on an unfamiliar beach and have meals brought to me. I need a vacation.

  3. Even being here for five whole months is sending me rond the bend so I appreciate your frustration. If you like you can go to France with Hubby instead of me...qualifications : be able to look after very grumpy complaining old men, hang out in the middle of rural France with no internet and no excitement at all - apart from the odd trip 40 kilometres to mcDonalds and go walking all day. Does that appeal?
    I loved Barbados when we went. I didi most of my diving there. The people were amazingly friendly - aaaah! (sigh of longing to return)
    Good luck with the dissertation and hope you don't climb the walls just yet.


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