These Heels Were Made for Working

So it's been a while since I posted, so I owe you one.

I resumed high heeled life yesterday - aka work. I did not return to the job I had originally (long story) but started somewhere completely new. It's been interesting, but of course, I never blog about work. I can however blog about other things like my new hair and corporate adventures.

Not much to say about my new hair, other than it's a new look and low maintenance. lol. In terms of the corporate adventures, well, I swear on my dog that I sent HR a harmless, work-friendly photo for the intranet announcement of my arrival. However, apparently my photo was "sexy" and I had a "come hither" look about me, which apparently has found an appreciative audience among certain staff members. This was the feedback from two of my friends of the male variety after they and their other male colleagues saw the bulletin. I am innocent I say!

I spent Day 2 out and about at a conference where I not only learnt stuff, but also met people I have not seen since I came back and so there was a lot of kissing and hugging and "oooohing" and "aaaaahing" and catching up. It was nice. I felt loved. I also felt tired. My body is taking its time getting used to the graveyard shift hours. I wake up at 3.30am on the nose and I am heavily caffeine dependent before the day really gets going. Not good.

Other than that, nothing exciting to share. I am car shopping - an urgent purchase. As you all know I loathe public transportation and it's really bad here. I dread each day I have to take a taxi to get somewhere. Besides the general rudeness of some drivers, you also have the smells and antics of the other passengers. Today's award winning odour came from a woman who clearly wore pumps all day and then changed into flip flops this evening. The trouble was, her feet were stink! Really stink!!! The driver had no choice but to switch off the a/c and turn the windows down. Thank God it was a short ride.

This already feels like the longest week ever!


  1. Yeah for the job!! (as long as you are happy)
    Yeah for "sexy" photos!! (how could you look anything but?)
    Yeah for catching up and caffeine!!
    Uggh for stinky feet!

    The weeks almost over....right?? :)

  2. Sounds like you had a very eventful first day. I don't miss those restrictions one bit.

  3. Oh no! Not the 3.30am rises again. I use to think you had it bad when you were waking at 4am. Good luck with the car hunting, I hope this means you will get more of a sleep in?

  4. Yay! for the new job! Uggggh. Stinky feet smell is the absolute worst smell.

  5. Eww! I hate stinky feet! Hope you find a new car soon!

  6. I hope the return to work has been a good one. Sorry about the stinky feet, though. Good motivation for getting that new car!

  7. I hope you find a car soon. Nothing like being able to control the smells, temperature and the speed in which you get where you are going.


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