A swift boot to the...

I've been so busy this week that I have not really had chance to blog. I try to store observations in my brain somewhere so I can come back and write about it, but in all the hustle, I think the observations fall out and get crushed. But there is one observation that repeated itself all this week and it bothers me so much I need to address it.

I live in a tropical country. Granted, the weather lately has been atrocious but it is hurricane/rainy season after all. But I am assaulted daily by women walking through the city like this -

Women's boots
What on earth? Why are women wearing boots here? In the middle of the day, in the heat? One girl came in for coffee yesterday in jeans and knee highs and I did not attempt to NOT stare. I stared and let her know I was staring cause I thought she looked stupid.  I saw yet another in Uggs. Really?? Tourists come from the US and Europe to the Caribbean to wear flip flops and run on the beach barefoot. They walk through the malls in cute sandals - loving the freedom of just waking up and knowing it's warm enough to be foot carefree. And yet...

I love boots. Love. But I won't be wearing boots in Trinidad unless hell freezes over.

I have a busy day today. I won't be looking for boots but instead will be looking for a cocktail dress for the staff Christmas party. It's actually not something I am looking forward to, only cause I am exhausted. Who woulda thunk it? Me - not looking forward to shopping or parties! Scary.


  1. I wear boots when it is 2 degrees in London and my feet are still hot ( and sometimes stink ...*coughcough*) What D hell their feet smelling like?

  2. Same thing I am asking. And they buying the boots HERE...that is the next thing. The shoe stores are filled to the hilt with boots!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???

  3. Boots are allowed when you are walking at least ankle deep in snow/water. At no other time shall they be worn.

    It's in the Bible.

  4. I must confess that I used to wear ankle boots at my last job. They worked well though because it was a dirty facility and my pumps couldn't handle the pressure.

    However, never furry boots on High Street. That is doltishness.

  5. Wow. That's just ridiculous. I don't understand the appeal to Uggs in the first place, but I don't understand this trend of wearing them in warmer weather. I'm glad you gave that girl the stank eye. HA!

  6. We see a lot of girls around here wearing Uggs with shorts. Please explain the point of THAT.


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