Out of Storage

The past couple mornings I have been braving the inclement weather and going out on the streets for a workout. Life in heels, flip flops and sneakers!!

With my iPod all loaded up with fat busting tunes, I take on the hills and valleys and pot hounds (mongrels) of both the four-legged and two-legged varieties of the neighbourhood. I must say it is my favourite part of the day. I am a bit sore after months of muscular neglect, but feel better at the end of each punishing uphill run. I just thought I would share this tidbit before bed...4 hours til the next workout and I am excited cause I just loaded some new songs. I get bored so easily...not just with workouts and workout music but I realise, with life. lol. I need to address this. If only it were as simple as downloading new music!


  1. I agree. The right music makes such a huge difference when exercising. Whenever I feel myself start to slow down or walk, I change my music to something upbeat. I often sing along as well and i find that make my time go by faster.

  2. Music always helps get through a workout and I know what you mean about having to change it up every now and then. So much credit to you for sticking with this workout plan!

  3. The right music makes everything easier to get through. Even a work out.


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